A moving pressie…


For 11 years, 1 month and 5 days I caught two trains to get to work;  I crossed a state border;  I  went under the Potomac River in a concrete tube and more than once wondered about the pressure of all that water surrounding the rail tunnel.

Recently the company I work for moved their office into Washington DC  – less than 3 miles from home!

A fabulous Christmas present for me!!



Be careful what you wish for…..


I used to wake up every morning and wish I didn't have to work.

Now I go to work every day and feel relieved when it gets to 5pm and I know that I can go back tomorrow.  Now I hope I have many tomorrows of work.  


A really good friend gave me the turtle canvas when I moved to America;  this year he sent me the wooden crocodile.  He checks in every day to make sure I am okay – when I worry, he worries.  

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Work interfering with life…

Don't you hate it when work interferes with life?  

I am all for a work/life balance but lately it has been teetering off-balance in the work direction.

My Office Assistant went off on Maternity leave a few weeks earlier than expected and I had a week with a temp who got exhausted walking back from the vending machine in the kitchen and informed me that she "don't work if it snows".

The regular temp started yesterday and things got better.   Tomorrow I am rapid-training a second temp because I am going on vacation from Thursday till the 26th.

I will be leaving the running of the office in the hands of two temps!!

Not sure if this is madness but it might make me more appreciated!!

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