The Holiday Party


Last night was my company’s Holiday Party.  I haven’t been for a few years because they started having them in a place that was not metro (train) accessible. This year it was in the Pavilion Room at the Ronald Reagan Building on Pennsylvania Avenue downtown – only a few blocks walk from a metro station.

So, I dolled up, getting a second wear of my mother-of-the-groom dress from 5 years ago.  The manservant thinks I should get yet another wear from it at the Princess’s wedding in 2017.   LOL!!

I swear I am not crooked in real-life:-


It was snowing in the Pavilion


The bar was open:


The food was good:


And the sweets were really superb – I tried more than one or three of these – maybe even four (they were small!) :-


It was a good night.  I probably enjoyed it more than the manservant but while I flitted around being social he enjoyed the Manhattans.