What’s a gutter buddy

Well,  if you go in here: And buy and consume a lot of this:

You will end up as best buddies here:

Chanting for the Chianti


Is there anything more pathetic than a mature(age) woman desperately trying to open a bottle of wine after a grueling day?

It was not pretty!!

I'm sure the manservant has my good waiter's friend in his backpack with him in Hawaii …….. 

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It’s a Tea Party!

Today I am having an afternoon tea party ……

 I took a photo of my grandmother's lovely old demi tasse cups

Then I manipulated it to make the front of my invitation card:

Perhaps the invitation is a tad misleading though as we won't just be having tea and scones! 

We will start with wine served with cheese, and some little hot appetizers – then we will progress to the tea & coffee and a disgustingly rich looking chocolate cake I have bought (because I am missing the domestic goddess gene!)

This domestic gene would be a handy thing to have now when I should be cleaning up instead of surfing the web!

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Things are desperate when you can’t open the wine!

A couple of months ago I had come to work and told someone that I was nearly in tears because I could not get the screw top lid on my wine bottle undone. 

The image of me in the kitchen grasping the bottle at all angles, even between my knees so I could use both hands,  trying hot water, trying cold water, and finally using a knife to saw through the thread was truly pathetic!!   She felt such sympathy (or maybe it was empathy?) that the next day she brought in a snazzy little mat thing to assist me in my alcoholic pursuit.

It has been going really well but the "teeth" on the lids is eating through my pad.   There might be more tears soon!


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