The easiest way…..


Well,  the secret to weight loss is not  running miles a day, slogging up and down stairs or sweating at the gym.

Nope,  losing weight is as simple as just sleeping.

For the past 4 days I have mostly slept and I’ve lost 5 lbs.  Wow – that was so easy!


Diet Aid…


This is my latest diet aid:   

On the fridge (whose fingerprints are they?):

If I could find the key I wouldn't need the note on the freezer:

On the microwave in case I get something past the fridge & freezer signs:

On the goodie cupboard:

My eldest son is getting married in December and I do not want to be the blimp in the group photos!

We have supplies of fattening things in our freezer and cupboard for whenever friends drop in but I have no willpower and I turn into my own "friend" way too often.  So….  over the last few days we have been using up a lot of the "bad" stuff  – along the lines that if it's not available it can't be eaten and thoughts that our friends don't need it either!

The manservant got ice-cream out of the freezer and said:  "I'm told a lot of coffee icecream helps with weight loss".

What  I heard:  a lot of copulation ……..


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