The Quarter Century Princess


Okay, so my summer was pretty gloomy but, time didn’t stand still and so my daughter, the Princess, gained quarter century status on 11th September.
It’s such a cliche but it really does seem such a short time ago that she was a little thing celebrating her 1st birthday,  mesmerized by the candle and all that chocolate…..
Princess 1yrWith those big blue eyes she looked so sweet & innocent but really she was a bit of a street angel, home devil   Sophie Wright Dec 1993 Eastwood Pre-school
who grew into a determined & feisty teenager ….
sophbefore maturing into a lovely young woman with the most empathetic and compassionate heart of anyone I know.   I like to think this young man is very lucky to have her in his life….I know he spoilt her on her birthday so she probably didn’t notice that my $100 cheque, mentioned in my last post,  didn’t, and still hasn’t,  turned up…..
     Princess +

The Princess turns 20

Today is my princess's 20th birthday.

She is my youngest and came along after two boys. When I was pregnant I remember thinking how noisy the house would be if it was another boy.  When she was born the doctor said "it's a girl"  and her father said "are you sure?" and raced to the other end to check.  "Thank God" he said – "we don't have to do this again".

Her brothers (about 5 and 3)  were thrilled at the prospect of a new toy to play with and whenever I put her down and turned away they would be right there ready to poke and prod to see what sort of noises this toy emitted.  They also discovered what fun it could be to almost launch her from the bouncinette.   

She was a tough little thing but she is such a softie now.  The sight of a less fortunate person or some injustice will make her cry. Her favourite movie of the last few years is The Pursuit of Happyness which she has seen more than 10 times and she cries every time.  I once took her to the movies to see a Lassie film and we had to leave because she would not stop crying so loudly it was disturbing other people.

But she can also swear like a trooper at her brothers and packs a powerful punch. 

I have not seen her since March 2008 which was when I was last at home.   She attempts to worry me by sending photographs of herself like this one  – these are not her brothers:  







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A birthday & A welcome


Today the Princess is 19 years old!     She was a real cutie at her 1st birthday -  I have no idea why she is wearing a snowman sweatshirt in September in Sydney, Australia! 

Here is a photo she sent me yesterday…….  I am interested in the owner of the hairy arm who seems to have been cropped off my version!  

Also today Cat's son arrives for a couple of days with us….    I was thinking that if it was a woman coming to visit I would be attempting to vacuum on crutches and throwing things in cupboards.   As it is a teenage boy who has been traipsing around Europe, living on banana sandwiches  he is most likely only interested in the kitchen and his bed. I asked Cat whether he was getting from the airport via shuttle or metro so that I knew when I should start worrying about him. She replied: " I just find worrying about him all the time works." 

I snagged this photo from Cat's site: And I can bet he is not going to look this clean cut now: 

So Happy Birthday Princess & Welcome Aussie Adventurer.

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Flowers for the Princess



The Princess has her first "real" job!!  She went for an interview last week and got called back for a second interview yesterday.  She starts next Monday as a Receptionist for a small company. 

She has been working weekends and evenings at McDonalds since she was 14 & a half. 

For all that I think about their food (not much) I do think that McDonalds is good grounding work experience.

My marigolds are happy for the Princess too!



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