Sisters – January 1982


Yes – that really is an outhouse in the background of this photo of me & Cleo. There were holes in the walls where knots had fallen out of the timber.  I hated going out there in the middle of the night.   You had to turn the light on to make sure there were no spiders but that invited all the evil people from the hills to come down and peer through the holes  a la horror movie.


Behind Jane is the laundry where you had to race to wash your hands after going to the toilet.  More lights needed,  more chances for that evil boogieman to grab you.  God forbid one goes to a gruesome death with germy hands! Sisters 1

The project workspace..


This is what my dining room table currently looks like as my photo-scanning project continues.     IMG_0261a

I’m pretty sure the manservant’s grandparents never envisioned such electronic gadgetry one day gracing the top of their table.

I’ve completed the albums for 1984 and 1985  –  those albums are not in the photo above as I dismantled them as I went, and had no inclination to retrieve them from the rubbish pile outside and stage them on the table, just for the sake of a photo.

It took 4 long basically uninterrupted days to do that – which was easy because the office was closed Saturday-Tuesday for the New Year and the manservant was in Hawaii.

Since then I’ve only done 19 photos – last Sunday.  It would’ve been more but my scanner  went all union  about overtime.   I could bring the image up on my computer screen but when I clicked “OK Scan”  it would tell me it was disconnected (in some loopy italic font which just screamed “I’m laughing at your frustration”! )   I’d turn it off or change to the other USB port and it’d do one photo and then do its “stand down” thing again.    I hate it when things go flaky just because.

It’s a Canon Pixma combined scanner/printer which I got in 2011 –  it’s done quite a bit of printing but up until I started *the project*   not a lot of scanning.   Even during those 4 intensive days I only did 603  photos.   Is the maximum number of scans this low?    I hope not;   I’ve got a hell of a lot more photo-years to do yet!

Even when (if?)  it gets back into the swing of being an efficient & proficient scanner it is going to be a long time before we get to eat dinner at the table.   Once I’ve finished all that you see there (and the 25kg/55lb  box under the table also contains albums), there are more albums around the house as well as photo boxes.

I was planning to spend time this weekend scanning but the weather forecast is for temps in the 60’s and that sounds way too nice to be inside fighting a temperamental scanner.


It’s in the angle…


Scanning my photos is giving me some laughs and some tears.    This pair gave me a laugh; taken at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra (Australia) in March 1984,   I’ve taken a nice long & lean shot of my then-husband:

Canberra Weekend 16-18 March 1984 Indonesian Embassy  1

But when it was time for me to be recorded for posterity …….    he took a straight-on-upwards- frumpy shot!    Canberra Weekend 16-18 March 1984 Indonesian Embassy

That dress was sort of hideous but at the time I really liked it – actually I  liked it so much I was still wearing it in 1986!    It was not a very flattering dress as it had a dropped waist and huge stick-out pockets on the hips but it was cotton and being “floaty”  it was cool in the hot summers.

And, flat shoes, whilst great for all-day walking,  don’t do much for one’s legs.


A project …


Wow!  I’ve been back on WP more than a month and look how many posts I haven’t  done!! …. Talk about a slack-arse!

I’ve not been flitting around the world;  there’s been no overtime at work;  I have not taken up a hobby or expanded the ones I already have and I haven’t started any projects that would eat up my time.  The manservant hasn’t done much traveling though.

And now, I am about to start a project which has finally progressed out of the “thinking about”  stage.   A couple of years ago I shipped a *lot* of photos from Australia with the intention of scanning them all before anything happened to them or they were lost. (A couple of years?  I didn’t realize it was  *3* years until I went back to that old post!).  Upon arrival I unpacked one box because it was ripped and the albums were falling out – I put those albums on a dining room chair:IMG_0231

Since coming to live with me the two other 25kg FedEx boxes (that’s 55 lbs per box)  have been sitting in the lounge-room where they sort of became invisible after the first year.   IMG_0229

Whenever I did notice them the thought of the job ahead seemed a little daunting and I could never quite get myself to make a plan to actually start – until about 2 months ago, when I sat and thought about folders and titles and labeling and disc space.  And storage.   When I brought up the subject of storage the manservant said “Won’t  you just throw them away?  Once you have them digitized you won’t need the photos”  …..   God – that would make me feel physically sick;  throwing away a photo?  I would be incapable of doing that.

But I have a plan.   I’m going to have to remove photos from the album pages to scan them.  After scanning  I’m going to write on the back of each photo – who, what, where, when – and then place them in archival boxes I’ve bought (but haven’t unpacked yet).   A box so huge the manservant had to rent a car to get it home from his office where I’d had it delivered!IMG_0224

After I’ve completed the albums I have many more hundreds of photos loose and in photo-boxes spread around the house.    Jane has most of our childhood photos/slides but I’ve been a prolific photographer since I was about 18 – so that’s  32 years worth of “film photos” minus those taken in 1976-77 which my ex-husband threw away in a spiteful fit before I could get them out of the house.  But, that’s a whole other story as they say ….

After I’ve completed this mammoth task and have all the photos neatly labeled in archival boxes I will be looking for empty shelves ….  I feel a clean-up coming on then:   IMG_0234