Cheers …. Merry Whatever

Well, Santa has done his job for 2007.

This is a design I did for some of my cards this year.  I called it Santa reclining, but now that I look at it again I think it represents how we might see Santa after a few too many drinks ……   CHEERS everyone!!!

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Our Chrissie Decorations..

There is a little bit of each of these philosophies in our household.

The flashing Jesus was purchased on a trip to Chile -  the sheep's eyes are really quite demonic – though you might not be able to see that so well in this video (the original video was great but when it compressed it lost a lot).

The Buddha was bought in a market in Nanjing, China earlier this year.

The jazzy Santa …..   well he was a gift to us to represent the Aussie in the house and the astro-dweeb who is an Hawaiian at heart.

Well, after multiple attempts I can't get the video accepted – so here are photos – Santa is playing Santa Claus is coming to town….

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