Last Cast

I had a lovely morning re-visiting the couch before my doctor's appointment this afternoon.  He took the stitches out  -  I snapped a photo before the extraction and after  – they are blurry because I didn't have my glasses on to see if my camera was focusing – it was not!!   (for the curious the poor quality photos are in the photo section).

I got my wish for a green cast….  it is quite a nice shade of green really – and lighter than it seems to be in the photo:

In 2 weeks and 2 days this cast absolutely comes off ….   this is really good news!!  I will go into an air-boot then -  it is possible that I might still be on crutches though until I can put weight on my foot without pain.  But at least the air-boot can come off at night.  

The manservant promised me chocolates if I was a good girl when the stitches were being taken out.  After 4 weeks threaded in my skin it did feel as though the doctor was having to rip them out and a couple of times I winced and jerked about as it hurt.  There were no tears though so the manservant raced into a store and got these:

Which look like this inside the box: (and taste delicious inside the mouth!).   

I am so happy about this being the last cast that I am going to have a glass of wine tonight.  I have not had alcohol for 4 weeks and 2 days (I had to stop before the surgery)  -  I suppose I didn't notice the withdrawal symptoms with everything else going on!  ha ha.   I did clear it with my doctor considering I am still on the Lyrica but he said I deserved some – and I will have about 4 hours between imbibing and downing the drugs!    This is what I am going to drink:

It was a good day – but it is going to be a better one on October 6th!  I never thought I would say I am looking forward to being in a cam-walker (airboot)!!!!  

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Friday night is ……..

Tonight is pizza night …  every Friday night we have pizza.

Every Friday we call the same place at exactly 6.15pm

Every Friday we order the exact same two pizzas.

Every Friday we have to repeat our address at least 10 times  – seriously!

Every Friday we wonder if the pizzas are going to turn up.

Every Friday they do: 

Mine is Eggplant, Red Peppers, goat cheese, prosciutto, oregano, parsley, red onions, pine nuts & parmesan.
The astro-dweeb has pepperoni, onion & mushroom but then adds coarsely chopped pepper from our garden:

Tonight I paired mine with Yalumba Sangiovese Rose:

The astro-dweeb prefers a fuller bodied Californian Zinfandel :   

In our opinion; a great way to end the working week and start the weekend!!!

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Third tagging ….

I have been tagged, for the third time, to write 8 random things about myself – this time by Strixaluco

1.  I'm a fairly obliging person!

2. When I was young, I was made to go to school no matter how sick I was. The school would contact my grandmother to come and get me and I would stay with her until my father came to pick me up. One day I was sick and thought I would save everyone some trouble and walked off to my grandmother's at lunchtime (of course I didn't tell anyone).  When I got there she wasn't home so I walked back to the school.  I must have taken the scenic route because when I got back, the school was deserted.  "Someone" found me trudging the street crying and picked me up. I learnt a valuable lesson – don't run away from school on a Tuesday as that was Nan's day out.

3.  I love all sorts of cheese except plastic, bright yellow and any that comes out of a can!

4. Eight is starting to seem a big number!  Well, it does take 2 hands to count it.

5. I really, really dislike baseball. I have so far managed to avoid going to a game. This was easy when I first came to DC as we did not have a baseball team. When the city was trying to secure the Nationals I took part in a phone survey on whether I thought baseball would be good for the city and how we should fund the cost of a stadium. I  happily played along because I did think it would be good for the city …. The very last question was: So, how many home games would you attend?  I couldn't very well say "none" after having been such an enthusiastic supporter on paper, but I had no idea how many home games are in a season.  The woman told me some ridiculously high number and I struck a figure somewhere around a fifth of that.  I do not intend to honour that!

6.  I have driven on the wrong side of the road in both America and Australia. 

7.  I am really liking Sangiovese wines at the moment. Sangiovese 101  -  I started with Rosemount Sangiovese in Australia and have tried Italian & Californian ones since. 

8. This time last year I was in China.  Actually, I was  probably in a forest in the middle of no-where with a bus driver and hotel staff who did not speak English. (and I don't speak any sort of Chinese).

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