Today’s walk….


Some images from today's walk.  Nicer than the usual boarded up shops and other images I present from my neighbourhood!   The sun was a little high this morning & gives a washed out section to some of the shots ….   tomorrow we will try to hit the footpath (sidewalk)  earlier.

I must also come up with a better method of recording what I am taking.  Currently I am relying on my memory to remember which houses are in which streets.  Taking a pad and writing down the number of the image and corresponding street seems cumbersome.  I'm thinking about doing a quick video grab on my camera where I "speak" the name of the street and then snap images.       

When we walked in front we could see that it was chained and padlocked to prevent escape:

I've called this "vacant block"  though it is possible that it is the side yard of the grey house.  It was this possibility that prevented me from trespassing to get a closer shot!

Ooh – must go!  The manservant has whipped up Saturday night dinner.  I bet it will include chillies! (again!).

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Twilight shots

Since this week's photo quest was posted we have only had one evening with a twilight. It has rained and rained and rained some more.  We have had 7.75 inches of rain since Thursday!!! Nearly 8" in 5 days!

This is our street of row houses with the last rays of the setting sun shining on them:  

The rear of our row houses with twilight images reflected in our window.

Point & Shoot Canon set on automatic  – no flash;  hand-held.

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