Laugh or Cry

I live in a tragi-comedy.  Yesterday afternoon, as I was hobbling on my crutches,  along the footpath towards my front steps, I was forced to "step" out of the way of a weaving drunk man.  Before I realised it, I had apologised for being in his way.   He took a huge faltering step towards me and asked if I needed help.

"No, I'm fine.  I'm pretty good on these" (indicating the crutches).

Slurring, he says "Here I can help you"

No, I'm right thank you, I respond a little more firmly.

He stumbles about 5 steps from me, unzips and proceeds to urinate on my neighbours front path!


This morning I decided that grey hair is not for me yet – especially now that  I am a bit more mobile.

On my taxi rides to work I had noticed a nice looking place about 4 blocks from here.  This morning I rang them……  

Hello,  can I make an appointment for next Saturday to have highlights done.
I'm not here next Saturday.
Oh -  is the salon closed?
No – It's open but I'm not here.
Oh – well can I make an appointment with someone else?
Call back on Tuesday.
Me (confused) – can't I make an appointment today for next Saturday with just anyone?
Ask her when you call on Tuesday.

WTF?  I'm trying to be supportive of my local business but really this just makes me really suss about the whole place.  Maybe it is a front!


I went down the deck steps into our little courtyard this morning for the first time in 6 weeks.  The roses are still blooming and I wanted to take some photos of them.  As I'm happily clicking away I notice a guy appear in the alley and start to urinate on a garage door across from us.  He sees me and starts shouting out "sorry lady,  sorry lady"  as he finishes and packs himself away.


Drug deals,  public urination and a business that doesn't want my business  – I've got it all.  Oh, but I do have some nice roses!!



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