Things that make me smile


–     Coming out of the  train station and finding the manservant waiting to walk me home.

–    Finding the manservant at the station in shorts when it’s freezing!!!!   He thinks he’s in the Southern Hemisphere summer!

–    Pouring a glass of wine  as soon as I get my gloves off.   The coat and scarves can be shed after the first gulp!

–    Sitting down at the computer with my glass of wine and finding email from the Princess as she gets to work in Australia.

And a really big smile came from an email I got at work today.  A friend was describing some weird feeling she was having under one of her shoulder blades.  After doing some research online she sent a further email saying “It’s called formication – the explanation is under Wikipedia”

It’s amazing how the brain reads what it wants to see…..

For those of you wanting to learn more about my word of the day:

Playing Games..


Recently I saw a QoTD asking people what their favourite board games were.

I didn't answer it because I have never had a favourite board game due to a number of "unpleasant" childhood experiences!   As a child (ok, AND as a young teenager) I was mostly banned from playing board games because I was a very poor loser.

I assumed that because I was the eldest of four, I should be better than my siblings and so if I started to lose I would change the rules or cheat until I was sent to my room. Hence, although I started many games I probably finished very few.

Sad to say this "habit" did not stop at board games…. we had a table tennis table and I was really bad at it but I was very inventive with the rules ….  they changed minute by minute.  I just kept telling my younger siblings that THEY just weren't getting it. LOL…

My father was the President of the golf club and I used to play Juniors Golf on Saturday – … one day there was an invitational day and my best friend came with me. She had never played before but was pretty certain that air swings DID count.   I didn't invite her again!

At University friends invited me to play 500 (like Euchre) but apparently one of the skills required to do well is a good memory…. playing 500 was a short phase.

The motto of my life when it comes to games has mostly been if I don't think I can win it I don't want to play it!  LOL.

PS:  I was a really good Canasta player in my 20's – maybe because I drank slightly less than those I played with!


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QotD: Broken Bones

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?

I have broken two bones …..   my little finger and my tailbone – though not both at the same time.

When I was about 11 or 12 I was playing "junior" darts with one of my sisters and my brother.  Apparently someone had not hung the board on the nail properly so that when I pulled a dart out of the board the board came off the wall….  one of those metal "pie piece" dividers skewered my finger and the board was left hanging off my pinkie!  It never reset properly so I have a funky little finger which can be twisted around as though it is made of gristle instead of bone!   It was a great teenage party trick but I try to restrain myself now.

Then, when I was 13 years old, I was sashaying across my grandmother's freshly waxed kitchen floor in a pair of her high heels ……   need I say more?  The result was a humiliating trip to the doctor, a funky shaped cushion and a lifetime of discomfort on hard seats!  

Oh! And I recently discovered that I had broken a bone in my foot at some time – same foot which has now resided in a cast for 3 months.  It was found on the x-ray and MRI when they were looking for the cause of my foot falling apart. In hindsight I'm pretty sure that this break was done sometime in my 20's during a week's vacation to the beach which seemed to involve a lot of drinking! 

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