Cee’s Foto Challenges

I was looking for a photo for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (vibrant colours) ….     when I came across this one that also fits Cee’s Odd Ball Photo challenge:     It’s not every day you see a traffic light peering out like a periscope from a head-dress:……


For many years, the Caribbean Carnival Parade wound down Georgia Avenue in Washington DC one Saturday in June. It wasn’t just the costumes that were vibrant but also the atmosphere. It was one big party with paraders celebrating the Caribbean culture while the crowd on the sidelines swayed to the beat of steel drums, calypso & reggae.  Sadly, the parade is here no more – it moved to Baltimore.








Photo-a-day-for-365-days Project: Days 323 – 332


Shots from Days 323 – 332 ….  Will she catch up before the end of the year!   I should be writing Christmas cards instead of diddling around on the internet!

323 – this was our Japanese Maple at the height of its colour.   We then had a couple of horribly windy days which basically stripped the tree bare!  

324    But do they buy used churches?? I really like this old church building which adjoins an out-of- business pawn shop but which has very new looking razor wire on the roof!  (there’s one strand just visible on the right of this photo).

325  – the most photographed subject throughout this project  –  the tunnel on Rock Creek Parkway which runs under the National Zoo:       

326  –   the sky was gloriously beautiful this day – you’d never guess I had a coat and scarf on!   

327    Another of my metro station billboards –  this one popped up just before Thanksgiving.   I hope it is photo-shopped on his head! 

328  – This made me laugh.    We have a door bell at our front door which no one ever rings, (or if they do ring it, they wait one second and then start pounding on the door).   We obviously need a big sign like this saying PUSH.

329   Voting Rights for DC…    a  givemeavote.org poster in my neighbourhood:    

330  Colourful garden sculpture –  I love that it is tied to the fence by a chain around its neck!  

331   This is one of my favourite houses in my neighbourhood  – I love the quaintness of it, the various angles and the metal almost medi-evil style roof turret.  And, then there is the gorgeous garden!   

332  Whenever I walk past this place I get a little giggle out of the half street number.  On the weekends this place is packed so they must be doing something right! 

Ups & Downs

What a beautiful day today.  The manservant vacuumed throughout the house and then served me coffee and a cinnamon bun on our sunny deck -  all before 10am.

I did a lot yesterday -  that traipse down, and back up, the back steps with full body weight on the foot plus a few laps of the house with just a walking stick.   I felt that I achieved a lot and was pretty pleased with myself – until I went to bed.  When I took the boot off I saw that I had bruising all around my ankle!!  An uncomfortable night followed with my foot aching and feeling as though it had an extra block of wood, to the one I already have, on it.  So, it was decided I would have an easier day today. 

As I sat out in the sun I thought about how healing it can be to one's spirit.  I thought about taking the evil boot off and sunning my foot but decided the neighbourhood had enough scary sights without me adding to it.  

We have friends coming over soon for a few late afternoon drinks -  the evenings are still nice enough to sit outside and I'm really looking forward to some wine and nibbles.

On the ride to work the other morning I saw someone jogging in the park and I thought "I wish I could run"   
LOL -  I haven't  willingly  run in 30 years!! 

I have to learn to walk again yet …..  I will have ups and downs in the progress and must remind myself to not try to run before I can walk!

Probably for awhile my life will be a little like a set of escalators – every up day will have a corresponding down day…

  I took this photo in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia.

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Out of words …

and nearly out of power.    Full work days sap these old batteries!
I took these photos out in country Australia – near Coonabarabran.   It is the same power line running out of town towards the telescope -  different poles, different angles, different time of day:

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I had worried that I was going to have a glut of tomatoes – but really we kept up with the production there -  I think they are heirloom tomatoes as they are not very big and I had to use a couple to make a tomato sandwich. 

However, we do have a glut of peppers (capsicums & chillies).  On the top deck we are growing capsicums and long thin peppers.   The capsicum plant does not look sturdy enough to produce these but it keeps on giving more. 

More capsicums on the way

Chillies like decorations:

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Who says ..

                      you can't kill cactus?

Now that I don't have to keep my leg 4" above my heart most of the time, I ventured out onto the deck today!  With the exception of 2 trips to the doctor in the last two & half weeks I have not been outside!  I sat on the lower deck with a cup of coffee, the last few chapters of "The Book Thief"  and my camera.

I took photos of my lovely very alive cactus – simply because it is alive and it's a good record to have of it being so:

But, then I thought – oh Emjay, why not show the true state of your cacti collection

I especially like the way this one just sort of keeled over: 

Then I have one that can't quite decide whether it is worth the effort to live at my place:

The tops of the alive and the dead – both beautiful in their own way:


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Colonial Ingrates Day

I have a friend in England who calls July 4, Colonial Ingrates Day (I suspect many British do likewise – in jest of course!).

This was our first July 4 in the 'hood and it was very different to the other side of town.  Just about everyone in our row had a barbie and it felt like we were all just hanging out together even though we were separated by fences.

The neighbourhood was lit up with illegal (to DC) fireworks until 2 o'clock in the morning!   We, somewhat apprehensively, watched for escaping embers trying to light up our awning or wooden deck. 


The kid from across the alley tried very hard to set our timber fence on fire by lighting all his fireworks right next to it. His house has a back fence of wire cyclone fencing – obviously not nearly as exciting as the prospect of burning a neighbour's fence!   Luckily he ran out of fireworks before he damaged property or his limbs.


We could not see the fireworks on the National Mall but we could see the red glow in the sky over the houses across the alley from us.  I think that "feathery" line is part of a local firework:


Our gun shot triangulation system must have been going nuts – all those bangs & pops!  And smoke everywhere: 

I know these shots are not as spectacular as some people have posted of fireworks displays but remember these are just in my city neighbourhood!



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