It’s a bug …

How exciting!   I found a bug in my garden.  Now, it is not a beautiful dragonfly like LondonYankee or TicTac post, nor is it like the spiders that Pat has been posting but it is an insect that is neither an aphid, mealy bug or a mosquito which seem to be the main wildlife in my backyard…..

I was out surveying my little block of land from the safety of my deck (I do not attempt the rickety wooden steps on my crutches)  when I spied this little guy on the pot of a dead cactus (yes, I can kill cacti!).  

These were taken with my point & shoot camera set on macro while I balanced on one leg!!    I am surprised my hand was so steady!  He was about an inch long.




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Because it’s Friday…

I caught a taxi to the doctor's office this afternoon and thought I was going to suffocate!!   The driver had really, really, really bad BO!!   It should be a chargeable offence for a taxi driver to smell this bad!!   

When I got in, he didn't have the air conditioning on and the air was warm and putrid.  As we pulled away from the gutter he did turn it on but it didn't help much.  I spent the ride with my head cupped in my hand trying to filter the smell out with my fingers. . 

The doctor changed the cast …..  yippee!!  Those few minutes of fresh air felt wonderful on my skin.  This cast is nice and snug and my foot feels so much better – the previous cast had loosened so much my foot was wobbling around in there and very uncomfortable. 

I was expecting my leg to look pretty grotty but it was only hairy! LOL -  it is looking a bit scrawny though!   Have to go back in 2 weeks time for the next size down.

Now I am going to grab a wine and go sit amongst my flowers: 
I don't know what this purple flower is but it was on the bargain table of half dead plants at Home Depot.  I put it in my trolley and walked a short distance away to get another plant -  when I turned back there was a guy taking it out!   I  was so surprised I blurted out "Hey!  That's my plant"….    he smiled and put it back – no apology, no half lie about thinking it was his trolley or any other excuse!!   Later I had to wonder at someone who would pinch a half dead plant – admittedly it was the only purple flower, but really!

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Cure for the blues…..

Woke up with blue toes and a blue brain!!   A pity party was on the way …..    the number one problem with pity parties is that you get to be guest of honour and only-guest rolled into one.  No-one else wants to come "party" with  you………

So, after I had "partied" hard on my own I wandered outside today to find that my white hibiscus has flowered again – six lovely white flowers:

Then I spent some time in the sun on our upstairs deck which has a pink hibiscus –

The pink hibiscus flower looks huge in comparison to the plant's leaves and the plants around it.     The deck is a nice place to soak up some rays and garner some healing feelings!

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Hibiscus …

Hobbling outside with the rubbish I found my Hibiscus flowering!  I hadn't realised the buds were so close to opening – but then I haven't had much outside time in the last week.

Of course I had to hobble back inside and find my camera to record it  – this plant could well be dead by next summer! I am carefully recording garden successes – mostly to prove to my mother that I can garden!   She has always been able to create spectacular gardens and now that she has a computer I am quick to email her photos of anything I grow. 

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