Photo Quest – Red, White & Blue


Twilight shots

Since this week's photo quest was posted we have only had one evening with a twilight. It has rained and rained and rained some more.  We have had 7.75 inches of rain since Thursday!!! Nearly 8" in 5 days!

This is our street of row houses with the last rays of the setting sun shining on them:  

The rear of our row houses with twilight images reflected in our window.

Point & Shoot Canon set on automatic  – no flash;  hand-held.

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Photo Quest 3 – lines

I photographed a peacock feather reflected in a mirror.  Lighting was directly overhead the feather – there was no outside light and no flash used.  The walls in the room are yellow.  The camera  was a  Canon PowerShot SD 850 on Manual setting.   The camera was hand held and no software  was used  to manipulate or crop the photos after .
I took 47 photos and it was so hard to whittle them down to just a few!!

ISO 80
Shutter 1/13
Av 2.8
Focal length 5.8 mm

ISO 100
Shutter 1/13
Av 2.8
Focal length 5.8mm

ISO  Auto
Av  2.8
White balance – auto

ISO 80
Shutter Speed 0.3
Mode:  Foliage

ISO 100
Shutter Speed  1/10
Auto white balance
Foliage mode

ISO 1600
Shutter 1/125
Aperture 2.8

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Em-derella goes to the company “prom”

Last night was the company's annual "prom" and Em-derella was there in all her finery:   An Op-shop dress and beads her mother had given her.

Em-derella does not have a chariot, so her transport was a combination of shank's pony and metro train:

The National Building Museum is a fabulous venue::

Decorated tables awaited bottoms:

The jazz was cool but Em-derella knew it was time to go home when the gangstas started to look real and a wee bit blurry!

All photos were taken with Canon PowerShot SD850 on manual setting.  ISO varied between 80 and 1600.  Flash was used just once on one shot of the tables.

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