A couple more……

This was taken from one of our office windows:


My office block:

Just like the mail, the coke must be delivered no matter what the weather:

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First there was snow; then there was sleet

It DID snow!  Only a couple of inches which then got washed away by sleet, but it was snow.  Of course, by the time I got home from work it was ice!

And iced nearly solid onto my path and footpath.  Out I went with my funny little garden shovel;  after about 10 minutes one of my neighbours came across with his big sturdy snow shovel and offered to help me.  I must have looked like the pathetic blonde female out there with my little shovel and still dressed in my work skirt!   Anyway, I politely declined his kind offer  and continued wielding my shovel across the cement making a hideous noise as I moved ice, and what was left of the snow, to the side. 

I dragged the bag of rock solid salt out and bashed it with the shovel until I had broken up enough to sprinkle around the path and the public footpath. No snow expected tomorrow but maybe flurries and ice again on Saturday! 

Here are some photos which Princess SJ took around the house – she said it was too cold to venture far!

Princess SJ's artistic shot – distorted through our glass front door:

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Sleepy panda

Today Princess SJ and I went to the zoo where the pandas are the biggest attraction.

Momma panda was fast asleep.  It looked as though she was sitting at a table and just dozed off.

A little girl about 3 years old came up to the fence shouting "wake up panda, wake up".  The panda lifted its head and lazily opened one eye before letting its head crash back down onto its paw in just about the same position.

The little girl had a mighty tantrum because the panda wouldn't stay awake for her.


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Luray Caverns

We went to Luray Caverns today……

Luckily we were in an Avis rental car:

In the Caverns there is a chamber known as the Lake of Dreams where the stalactite formations from above create a reflection in a shallow puddle (lake) of water.   

The first photo I took with the flash on:

Then I turned the flash off for a more magical effect –

Near the end of the tour, the guide turned the lights off to show us how dark "dark" really is and would you believe three people in our group started taking photos, TOTALLY defeating the purpose!!!!

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