Seeing the New Year in with a bee sting in paradise

The other day I was thinking back over previous New Year Eve celebrations and one popped into my consciousness and has been there ever since like an annoying tune.  

The astro-dweeb and I were on holiday on the island of Moloka’i’ (Hawaii).  Moloka’i is only 60 square miles in area, 38 miles long, and ten miles wide at its widest point.  It is 25 miles southeast of Oahu, and only 8 miles from the eastern end of the island to Maui.

I could rave on and on about Moloka’i   -  we have been there a few times and always found it to be just paradise itself.   It is very laid back with not a lot of organized activities and not many services.

We were lazing on the beach with the nearest people about a mile down the sand.  We were feeling very smug about the fact that we were in America and doing this on December 31st.

I was reading a book with my arms up to shade my eyes from the sun when there was a sort of tickle along the underside of my arm.  I wiped my arm against my body and felt immediate searing pain.

Looked down to see a bee writhing in the sand.

Errr,  husband dear, have I mentioned that I might be allergic to bee stings?   

I had once been stung on the face and needed an adrenalin shot after suffering an adverse reaction.  

There was no hospital on the island and the clinic, which opened a couple of days a week, was closed.  We knew this because we had received some sort of notice.  If you needed urgent medical attention you had to call a helicopter!!

Deciding that calling a helicopter seemed extreme we went to the only small store which was open and stood there checking out the backs of all the drug packets (God, knows what the counter person thought!).

We bought everything which had anti-histamine listed as an ingredient.
I took many puffs of Ventolin,  doubled the dose on the drugs and halved the time between taking them

I rubbed my arm down with Brandy because it was the only alcohol/vinegar we had to neutralize the sting – except for the champagne we were saving for midnight – and we were not about to waste that on my underarm!

So …. Now I am really spaced out and suffering everything listed as an indication of severe allergic reaction though I can’t tell if this is due to the sting or a drug overdose!!

My arm was rapidly swelling and the sting site was now about the size of a golf ball.

I was feeling dizzy and a bit faint but was worried about lying down incase I fell into some sort of coma and not ever seeing the next year.   

Thinking back I am not sure what the astro-dweeb was doing during all this but I am sure he was hoping for the best…….

After about 4 or 5 hours I obviously had neither died nor become unconscious, so we decided that the sting was not going to be fatal even though the sting area was now the size of a tennis ball!!  (the jury was probably still out on the drug overdose!).

I have no idea what I was doing during most of those hours between the sting and midnight but just before 12 we went out to the beach with our champagne and popped it and yes I had my share!

The story got many laughs after the fact but it was all very surreal and so many things could have gone horribly wrong!   I was seriously drugged up and then threw alcohol into the mix and the New Year was pretty much a big dizzy blur.

Good thing my heart was strong because it was racing for about 12 hours!!

I continued to take the anti-histamines but went back to the regular dose and when the pharmacy finally opened on 2nd January he basically said that given the circumstances and lack of anything else I had “done the right thing”   – though we might have omitted mentioning to him about the alcohol.  

Kids!   Do not try this at home!! – or in Hawaii!

I hope your New Year’s Eve is not quite as eventful – but happy!

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