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The end of a long day at work and I wasn’t the only one on the train with my mind tucked away and leave-me-alone body language.

I was probably also not the only one feeling a certain degree of hostility towards a whiny grizzling infant riding with his 20-something father.

As the child’s whines increased to that frequency capable of piercing through all known materials,  riders began scowling and glaring in the father’s direction.

Just as we were about to have murder on the metro the father diffused the tension by saying loudly to the child :  “Ooooooooh,   you’re going to remind all these people to use condoms”.


Metro humor…


Two amusing train drivers over the last few days  (though it's possible it was the same driver)……..


Parents:  if you have children with you please don't let them get off and walk along side the train.  This is for the good of the children and the sanity of this driver.


People: Please spread out along the platform and use all available doors.  And when you get in don't hog the seats!  There is no reason for one person to need an entire seat. 

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Obviously ….

Tonight my train operator said "Please use all open doors; please use all open doors" …

And I thought today was going to be the day I could walk through doors.


I know I did a lot of complaining about the heat while I was in Australia but do I have to be punished now by this hideous cold?   The wind is just plain spiteful.

When I was home, the princess shouted me to brunch at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.  Their menu includes:  Danish Toffee Chocolate, Italian thick chocolate, Mexican spicy chocolate;  warm Belgian waffles drizzled in chocolate and chocolate pizza.   We had a Tutti Frutti waffle between us.  The menu is here if you are interested.

This is a big pot of melted chocolate: 

Which then travels along the pipes to the prep area: 

Mmmm….  eat more chocolate; get bikini body?   Well obviously! 


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It rained all day today – it was miserable and grey and cold when I left home just after 6.30 this morning.

The train driver said:  "Please take your umbrellas with you.  Every time it rains people leave umbrellas on the train – for unknown reasons" .

The announcement made me smile and I thought of the lovely photo Homebody had posted the other day of her 13 year old umbrella.

About 8 years ago I spent what I thought was a ridiculous amount of money on a folding umbrella from Windbrella  – it was advertised as never turning inside out no matter how strong the winds and rain.    I was used to spending $4 or $5 on umbrellas which inevitably ripped apart, turned inside out or came undone from the metal spokes – or just stopped working.

I still have this navy blue umbrella with its funny little double canopy.   I used it when Hurricane Isabel came this way in 2003.  It did not turn inside out – though it did have some difficulty keeping me dry that day.

I am not the sort to leave my umbrella on the train because I don't want to spend another $30 on an umbrella!  It just doesn't seem right when so many people think of them as disposable!

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Metro Wit

Sometimes my metro train drivers relieve the commuting boredom by making strange or witty announcements…

This morning one of the doors on the 6 car train would not shut and if one door refuses to shut, then the train does not move.  After re-opening and attempting to close the doors half a dozen times (complete with the annoying chime and electronic voice warning).  The driver said in an exasperated tone:  "Come on people,  if you see a door open push it closed".

It reminded me of a couple of other incidences which amused me:

One morning the train infront of mine broke down leaving a full train load of people standing on the platform expecting to squash into my train.  As we crawled along the side of the platform the driver said " That's a lotta people out there folks. Grab your seats now, because there won't be breathing space soon".

Another morning the train stopped in a tunnel and the driver announced that there was a red light signal ahead but that we would be moving momentarily. (Momentarily is like a word of the day to drivers who use it for every delay from 1 minute to fifteen).   After about 5 minutes – which seemed much longer because we were trapped in the tunnel, -  the driver announced that the signal was jammed on red and he had been instructed to get out of the train and repair it!  We were told to remain in our seats and not attempt to use the emergency exits.

At the end of each rail car there is an emergency call button connecting to the driver.   Occasionally the driver will remind us that it is there.  One driver told us to make ourselves familiar with it –    "but don't y'all go jumping up now to test the button because I'm busy driving". 

And, also, every now and then, drivers remind us to be on the lookout for unattended bags and to read the safety evacuation notices posted in the train.  They finish by saying: Be Prepared,  Not Scared

It makes me laugh every time I hear it! 

Two of the stations that I visit twice every work day: 


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