Laugh or Cry

I live in a tragi-comedy.  Yesterday afternoon, as I was hobbling on my crutches,  along the footpath towards my front steps, I was forced to "step" out of the way of a weaving drunk man.  Before I realised it, I had apologised for being in his way.   He took a huge faltering step towards me and asked if I needed help.

"No, I'm fine.  I'm pretty good on these" (indicating the crutches).

Slurring, he says "Here I can help you"

No, I'm right thank you, I respond a little more firmly.

He stumbles about 5 steps from me, unzips and proceeds to urinate on my neighbours front path!


This morning I decided that grey hair is not for me yet – especially now that  I am a bit more mobile.

On my taxi rides to work I had noticed a nice looking place about 4 blocks from here.  This morning I rang them……  

Hello,  can I make an appointment for next Saturday to have highlights done.
I'm not here next Saturday.
Oh -  is the salon closed?
No – It's open but I'm not here.
Oh – well can I make an appointment with someone else?
Call back on Tuesday.
Me (confused) – can't I make an appointment today for next Saturday with just anyone?
Ask her when you call on Tuesday.

WTF?  I'm trying to be supportive of my local business but really this just makes me really suss about the whole place.  Maybe it is a front!


I went down the deck steps into our little courtyard this morning for the first time in 6 weeks.  The roses are still blooming and I wanted to take some photos of them.  As I'm happily clicking away I notice a guy appear in the alley and start to urinate on a garage door across from us.  He sees me and starts shouting out "sorry lady,  sorry lady"  as he finishes and packs himself away.


Drug deals,  public urination and a business that doesn't want my business  – I've got it all.  Oh, but I do have some nice roses!!



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Who says ..

                      you can't kill cactus?

Now that I don't have to keep my leg 4" above my heart most of the time, I ventured out onto the deck today!  With the exception of 2 trips to the doctor in the last two & half weeks I have not been outside!  I sat on the lower deck with a cup of coffee, the last few chapters of "The Book Thief"  and my camera.

I took photos of my lovely very alive cactus – simply because it is alive and it's a good record to have of it being so:

But, then I thought – oh Emjay, why not show the true state of your cacti collection

I especially like the way this one just sort of keeled over: 

Then I have one that can't quite decide whether it is worth the effort to live at my place:

The tops of the alive and the dead – both beautiful in their own way:


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It’s a bug …

How exciting!   I found a bug in my garden.  Now, it is not a beautiful dragonfly like LondonYankee or TicTac post, nor is it like the spiders that Pat has been posting but it is an insect that is neither an aphid, mealy bug or a mosquito which seem to be the main wildlife in my backyard…..

I was out surveying my little block of land from the safety of my deck (I do not attempt the rickety wooden steps on my crutches)  when I spied this little guy on the pot of a dead cactus (yes, I can kill cacti!).  

These were taken with my point & shoot camera set on macro while I balanced on one leg!!    I am surprised my hand was so steady!  He was about an inch long.




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Hibiscus …

Hobbling outside with the rubbish I found my Hibiscus flowering!  I hadn't realised the buds were so close to opening – but then I haven't had much outside time in the last week.

Of course I had to hobble back inside and find my camera to record it  – this plant could well be dead by next summer! I am carefully recording garden successes – mostly to prove to my mother that I can garden!   She has always been able to create spectacular gardens and now that she has a computer I am quick to email her photos of anything I grow. 

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Flowers for the Princess



The Princess has her first "real" job!!  She went for an interview last week and got called back for a second interview yesterday.  She starts next Monday as a Receptionist for a small company. 

She has been working weekends and evenings at McDonalds since she was 14 & a half. 

For all that I think about their food (not much) I do think that McDonalds is good grounding work experience.

My marigolds are happy for the Princess too!



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All fall down……

All the heavy rain and wind knocked my red rose over before I had exhausted the photo opportunities!   We staked it up this morning but the petals are pretty much ruined as are those on the white roses, except for one.  The pink roses still look ok and the yellow ones have not bloomed yet. BUT, I still have aphids!  Looks like the environmentally friendly organic seaweed soap did not work…

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Flower Porn


The male organ of a flower is an impressive looking thing called a stamen.

The pollen bearing anther is supported by a filament which has the function of transporting nutrients to the developing pollen.  The little sacs of pollen are called microsporangia.

Collectively the stamens are called androecium (from the Greek andros oikiaman's house).

I took these photos of lilies -  an excellent example of flower porn.


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