Road Trip……


Two weeks in a rental car;  2,319 miles or 3,732 kms.  And, we’re still married!
When you’re doing directions on Google maps it will only allow you to put in 9 stops after your starting point so my map shows the basic outline of our trip.   Our complete route in order was:
Washington DC to:-
South Point, Ohio
Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
Versailles, Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
Frankfort Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Bardstown, Kentucky
Loretto,  Kentucky
Hodgenville, Kentucky
Nashville, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Tuscumbia, Alabama
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
Asheville, North Carolina
High Point, North Carolina
Back to Washington DC.

road trip map

This photo shows where I sat for most of the trip and reflections show what I was doing; aiming my camera out the window and following the route along in an old fashioned atlas.

Reflections 2

We had an awesome time and of course I took a trillion photos to illustrate how much fun it was.  And yes, I will share some once I get them sorted out; so many tales to tell.

And we arrived home to find this waiting for us compliments of MadTante  who recently had a long weekend with us.  We’re opening it tonight – I’m sure it will help me sort through those aforementioned photos……. IMG_3265