A birthday & A welcome


Today the Princess is 19 years old!     She was a real cutie at her 1st birthday -  I have no idea why she is wearing a snowman sweatshirt in September in Sydney, Australia! 

Here is a photo she sent me yesterday…….  I am interested in the owner of the hairy arm who seems to have been cropped off my version!  

Also today Cat's son arrives for a couple of days with us….    I was thinking that if it was a woman coming to visit I would be attempting to vacuum on crutches and throwing things in cupboards.   As it is a teenage boy who has been traipsing around Europe, living on banana sandwiches  he is most likely only interested in the kitchen and his bed. I asked Cat whether he was getting from the airport via shuttle or metro so that I knew when I should start worrying about him. She replied: " I just find worrying about him all the time works." 

I snagged this photo from Cat's site: And I can bet he is not going to look this clean cut now: 

So Happy Birthday Princess & Welcome Aussie Adventurer.

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The Experiment …


My experiment proved overwhelmingly that people will say "happy birthday" when forced to – oops - faced with, someone announcing it is their birthday – and you don't even have to make eye contact! 

Only one person did not – they responded "Is it really?  I feel bad, I didn't get you anything" and then walked off. LOL  Obviously they did not feel bad enough to say happy birthday! 

I think I elicited around 100 "Happy Birthday"s yesterday!  :-)  Office workers, delivery men, couriers, even the new post lady, were not spared the announcement!

I was so spoilt – the crutches probably helped there – with people at my beck and call all day.

My friend Miss Gee drove me home and then we had a "girls" evening of wine & nibbles. Most enjoyable! 

My astro-dweeb might be slumming it in Hawaii but he did not forget me – this lovely flower arrangement arrived at work during the afternoon:

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Today …

It's my birthday today and I can't go dancing!  

But I have made sure everyone knows that today is the day.  As soon as I got in the taxi this morning and dispensed with the explanation on my cast I said "It's my birthday today" !!!    Thus forcing the poor guy to utter my first "happy birthday" of the day.

Then a nice young man held the door of the elevator open so I could swing in and I said "thank you, it's my birthday today"….    prompting the second good wishes of the day!

I wonder if anyone replies nastily or ignores that announcement….  I will experiment all day and see.

A woman here at work just commented that she does not know any other grown up person who gets so excited about their own birthday.  

I found an unexpected surprise from my sister this morning on her blog …   Cat's "tribute"     but don't believe everything you read in the press!  :-) 


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Seventy – Five


My mother was born in 1933, and spent the majority of her life in, and around, the small country town where  I was also conceived, born and grew up.

She attended a one-room school, where the other students were mostly relatives; until she was about 13 when she was packed off to boarding school in Sydney.  Here she was taught to darn beautifully and other things that would benefit ladies of that time  – she wanted to learn science.

When she finished school she returned to the small country town and began working as a photographic artist in the local studio – which specialized in weddings and family portraits.

One day a handsome foreigner walked into the studio and swept her off her feet.  They married in 1956 and moved into my grandparent's house on the farm where myself and 3 siblings were to grow up. (My grandparents had built themselves a house and moved into the civilization of town).

My mother has 2 green thumbs and 8 green fingers.  She has made fabulous gardens and won many prizes in delicate flower arranging. She could also demolish a snake with a shovel! 

Mum was only 53 and starting to explore life without children at home, when my father had a massive stroke which changed the course of her "retirement".   She has cared, full-time, for my father every day since – a very difficult and mostly thankless task.

She is a breast cancer survivor twice (30+ years apart).  She has had both knees totally replaced in the past 4 years  – the first one a success, the other leaving her dependent on a walker to get around. She has a dodgy shoulder.

She has faced all of her battles without any complaint. She has infinite patience and she is definitely the kindest person I have ever met!   I think the only gene I inherited, from her, was the snake killing one – though I will totally deny that I am anything like my father!

Happy 75th birthday mum! 


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