The last prick….

I have given myself the last shot in the stomach!!!  Well, it's not actually into  the stomach, but rather into the subcutaneous fat.  Over the past 12 days I have made little red holes and bruises around my tummy.

When first told that I was going to have to inject myself to prevent blood clots in my leg I was grossed out by the whole idea – funny, if I'd been told to inject someone else  that wouldn't have been a problem at all!

I was given instructions:
* Do not inject within a 2" diameter of the navel – to avoid hitting any large veins (good advice & studiously followed!)
* Clean the chosen area with alcohol (not the drinking kind) and allow the site to dry (it stings if it's not dry – it really does !!)
* Pull up a fold of skin and inject at a 90 degree angle – I was never really sure if they meant 90 degrees relative to the top of my pinch or relative to the side of the pile.  
*Inject alternate sides of the stomach (this gives the other side time to recover from poor needlework)

What I discovered:
My diet is not working & I have more fat on the left hand side of my belly!

So …..  I was quite excited getting ready for the last shot.   Of course, this could have been because I was about to get  my "reward" for sticking with it  – the astro-dweeb man-servant had bought me a box of delicious Godiva – thanks to Queen of Fractal Beauty  for the "hint link"!   🙂

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One chocolate down….

Wow!   Yes indeed  – those 3 letters, a palindrome, so aptly describe everything – the appearance, the taste and the whole idea of spending $60 on a box of chocolates  – total weight 7.25 oz   (206gm).   Eighteen chocolates  =   $3.33 per chocolate.  

To 8gurl:   No there was no layer underneath – what you see is what I got.

To SweetMisery & Purplesque:  When describing Emjay and chocolates self control and will-power are not descriptions one would bring to mind.   I’m not sure why these have lasted so long – probably the artistry of them  – they look too pretty to be edible as mentioned by Claret and Karen, F.G and Kletterman.  But now the appetite has been whetted …….. 

To cat:   That nibbling of corners is an important step in the process of eating a box of chocolates;  one has to determine which chocolate is the best and so to be kept and savoured last. Also, it is really important to suss out the ones that are going to be shared  (i.e., the ones I don’t like!).  What a horrible thought to get to the last couple of chocolates and find they have fillings one doesn’t like!!  Four will be shared – the coconut ones and the peanut butter ones  – luckily Princess SJ likes peanut butter and the astro-dweeb will enjoy the coconut ones.

To Rigger’N Quill:   Mmm – what a fabulous idea …  though I imagine licking my monitor might not be an entirely satisfactory  experience!   I might try cutting out the bottoms tonight …  ☺

To Scorpion1116:  The idea would be to savour them with some champagne drooling over the anticipated taste of the next one.
However the reality was:

I had spent a day sightseeing with an 18 yo whose happy face got lost a few times.

We had spent more than an hour extra in the car with “lost” time -  the astro-dweeb may be able to navigate the heavens but has problems on the highways.

I had an ache in my head just beginning to make its way into my consciousness.

I was dreading that a birthday dinner we were about to go to was going to be a long night.

So…   the rental car was parked at the curb and engine barely off before I was bounding to the front door with only one goal – to get to those chocolates!

I pulled the lid off and grabbed the strawberry rhubarb one …

Divine, delicious, decadent, delightful -   but all over in 2 seconds (maybe it was only 1 second).

Lid went back on – until the next crisis. .

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That Christmas Godiva


For those of you wondering about my Christmas Godiva …….

This is what my $60 box of Godiva looks like:





This is what it looks like inside….





A close up of the tops which are hand painted:



They are:

Apple crumb pie; Chocolate cream pie; Pumpkin pie; Pecan pie; Strawberry Rhubarb pie; Chocolate Peanut Butter pie; Key Lime pie and Coconut Cream pie.

It is now 3 days since I opened these and not one has been eaten!!!!   They just look too beautiful to eat.   I will have to check the use-by date to see how long I have to simply admire them.



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Must shopping malls be so hot?

Princess SJ was up really early this morning – before going to bed last night I promised to take her to a shopping mall if she could get up before lunchtime!  

Shopping malls here are huge mini-cities in comparison to Sydney ones  – though Westfield’s started in Australia and I see more & more here.

A 20 minute train ride and we were there and ready to spend and spend big. But, it was SO hot in the centre and individual shops that I just could not browse comfortably.   Those shops lost dollars today because I could not stay anywhere long enough to even impulse buy!!

Except …  the Godiva store!  Ah!  bliss in more ways than one.  A comfortable shopping temperature, – I know it is to preserve the product, but I needed some of it for reviving me – and they have a great product.

When I got home with the bag carrying over $130 worth of chocolate I presented it to the astro-dweeb and said “these are for you to give me for Christmas”.  Well … I needed to spend that much to justify staying in the shop long enough to cool down! (The receipt was destroyed before the bag was handed over!!!!)

I can tolerate interminable carols if the volume is not overwhelming and actually I did not notice any today – but I can not stand to be too hot.

I realize why it is that I enjoy internet shopping so much – even if the UPS guy is sorry we ever moved into his run!

This is Princess SJ with our meagre shopping  (note the gold Godiva bag is hidden until I can get the evil receipt out!). 

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