Heels or not …


Shoes!   Glorious shoes.   

For two days now I have been drooling over page after page of the zappos.com website just looking at shoes.  
Ridiculously high heeled shoes; flat shoes; and, downright ugly shoes.  
I'd like to buy a pair of heels for my upcoming company "prom",  but I really don't know if I will be able to wear them.  
I would guess that any potential career as a pole dancer is over!  
The manservant gave me a lovely bunch of flowers on New Year's Eve:

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Flowers or candy?

One of my tasks as Office Manager is to order flowers and gift baskets for the deaths, births, marriages and get-wells around our office & field sites.

One of the advantages of this is being able to get what I want for myself . LOL.  I showed my assistant exactly what I wanted.  She asked  "why don't you order it yourself to be delivered on the day you want it?"

I replied:  "Well … that would ruin the surprise of what you would write on the card"!

So …  I thought about a yummy gift basket but dismissed it when I realised that lying around for a few weeks eating scrumptious things, guaranteed to make me feel better, would ultimately depress me when my wrists buckled under the extra weight on the crutches!  Or, maybe the crutches would break – they do have a weight limit! 

Flowers are nice but I would be lying here watching them die – not cheerful!  So I decided on the "garden bowl" of plants.  The photo doesn't really give a good indication of how big this actually is  – well, it's not "huge" – we do have a budget we have to stick to, but it is decent sized – probably 24 inches high.

The florist we use calls the recipient to make sure they are going to be home or if something can be left and when Jeff called me he asked "did they make you log in and order your own?"  ha ha – I played dumb because that seemed the right thing to do! 

So here it is: 

And this is a close up of the white flower: 

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Flowers for the Princess



The Princess has her first "real" job!!  She went for an interview last week and got called back for a second interview yesterday.  She starts next Monday as a Receptionist for a small company. 

She has been working weekends and evenings at McDonalds since she was 14 & a half. 

For all that I think about their food (not much) I do think that McDonalds is good grounding work experience.

My marigolds are happy for the Princess too!



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Hawaiian Exotics

Monday it was 74 degrees in Washington DC and we sat out on our deck enjoying lunch in the sun – I got a tinge of pink on my cheeks.  By this afternoon it was snowing  and my cheeks were pink from the cold!!  Such  a variance without leaving town!!

I had been looking forward to taking some photos of the eclipse tonight and posting them but it doesn't look as though the clouds are going to clear in time. So, when plans go astray it is nice to have some old favourites to dig out.  I took these photos in a Buddhist garden in Hawaii.   

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