A trip to the Orthopedist


I went to the Orthopedist on Friday where he took more x-rays for his naked bone collection.

He compared these to previous ones and said the breaks were  "sealing" up nicely.

He then had me do some little exercises and tested my strength before declaring:

"You are nearly functional"  

LOL – soon I will be allowed out by myself.  


My Peonies didn't seem to be as plentiful this year but they were still gorgeous one day:   

But then along came a nasty windy, wet day and the peonies were ragged and sad: 

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Heels or not …


Shoes!   Glorious shoes.   

For two days now I have been drooling over page after page of the zappos.com website just looking at shoes.  
Ridiculously high heeled shoes; flat shoes; and, downright ugly shoes.  
I'd like to buy a pair of heels for my upcoming company "prom",  but I really don't know if I will be able to wear them.  
I would guess that any potential career as a pole dancer is over!  
The manservant gave me a lovely bunch of flowers on New Year's Eve:

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Beauty & the Beast

I followed the doctor's advice and took it easy over the weekend – I didn't leave the house further than our back courtyard.  It helped that the weather was gorgeous and that I could sit out on our deck for a couple of hours each day.  Actually, it was so nice that I was able to sit out in a tee shirt (and skirt).

I needed one crutch under my arm yesterday but today I have managed to get around without an aid.  I even went down the back steps almost normally LOL  – having to put both feet on each step as I went up and down, gripping both rails, counts as almost normal!

 My white rose still has some buds to open but the thing which attracted me to the plant today, and hence the trip down the steps, was beauty & beast together:

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Spot the fly…

It was such a beautiful morning that I ate my yogurt and had my coffee out on our top deck with my trusty little point and shoot camera on hand.  (Doesn't everyone cart their camera everywhere with them!). 

I snapped photos of the plants which the manservant has surprisingly looked after very well – when I uploaded them I noticed a black "smudge" on one of my photos …. 

It's a fly …….  summer isn't over yet!!   


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Today …

Today was a pretty good day – admittedly I spent it lying on the couch (which some might see as a luxury) but the big thing about today was that after an initial dose, at 6am, I did not take any pain meds during the day!  Yipee!  I'm cured, I'm cured. 

I got the astro-dweeb to swap paintings for me so I can spend the next week of immobility looking at a different painting -  I think we might have to re-name him "manservant" . 

I took this photo when I was a mobile bi-ped -  I think it was a begonia.  I then used Photoshop Elements to stretch it and change some colours:   

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Surviving plants…

I am not known as a gardener.   My mother has told me that I should think of plants as others think of a vase of cut flowers – something that is nice to look at for a short time.   This is one reason that I frequent the bargain plant table at Home Depot -  I am not comfortable spending big amounts of money on a "disposable" item.

However when we got our incentive bonus from Mr.Bush we went straight to Behnkes nursery and bought large ceramic pots and plants that looked nice (like the white Hibiscus).  The plants were chosen by look alone and I did not look at the price tags ….  so I was a quite stunned when the total rang up!!  Too stunned to put any back!!   When we got home, I was shocked to find the most expensive plant was $30 – an Abelia.  And, I'm pleased to prove that it is still alive: 

This was the second most expensive plant at about $20 – I'm not sure what it is now……..

The trick is going to be keeping these plants alive over winter!!!  They are going to be the most molly-coddled plants ever!!

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Because it’s Friday…

I caught a taxi to the doctor's office this afternoon and thought I was going to suffocate!!   The driver had really, really, really bad BO!!   It should be a chargeable offence for a taxi driver to smell this bad!!   

When I got in, he didn't have the air conditioning on and the air was warm and putrid.  As we pulled away from the gutter he did turn it on but it didn't help much.  I spent the ride with my head cupped in my hand trying to filter the smell out with my fingers. . 

The doctor changed the cast …..  yippee!!  Those few minutes of fresh air felt wonderful on my skin.  This cast is nice and snug and my foot feels so much better – the previous cast had loosened so much my foot was wobbling around in there and very uncomfortable. 

I was expecting my leg to look pretty grotty but it was only hairy! LOL -  it is looking a bit scrawny though!   Have to go back in 2 weeks time for the next size down.

Now I am going to grab a wine and go sit amongst my flowers: 
I don't know what this purple flower is but it was on the bargain table of half dead plants at Home Depot.  I put it in my trolley and walked a short distance away to get another plant -  when I turned back there was a guy taking it out!   I  was so surprised I blurted out "Hey!  That's my plant"….    he smiled and put it back – no apology, no half lie about thinking it was his trolley or any other excuse!!   Later I had to wonder at someone who would pinch a half dead plant – admittedly it was the only purple flower, but really!

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Cure for the blues…..

Woke up with blue toes and a blue brain!!   A pity party was on the way …..    the number one problem with pity parties is that you get to be guest of honour and only-guest rolled into one.  No-one else wants to come "party" with  you………

So, after I had "partied" hard on my own I wandered outside today to find that my white hibiscus has flowered again – six lovely white flowers:

Then I spent some time in the sun on our upstairs deck which has a pink hibiscus –

The pink hibiscus flower looks huge in comparison to the plant's leaves and the plants around it.     The deck is a nice place to soak up some rays and garner some healing feelings!

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Hibiscus …

Hobbling outside with the rubbish I found my Hibiscus flowering!  I hadn't realised the buds were so close to opening – but then I haven't had much outside time in the last week.

Of course I had to hobble back inside and find my camera to record it  – this plant could well be dead by next summer! I am carefully recording garden successes – mostly to prove to my mother that I can garden!   She has always been able to create spectacular gardens and now that she has a computer I am quick to email her photos of anything I grow. 

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The Experiment …


My experiment proved overwhelmingly that people will say "happy birthday" when forced to – oops - faced with, someone announcing it is their birthday – and you don't even have to make eye contact! 

Only one person did not – they responded "Is it really?  I feel bad, I didn't get you anything" and then walked off. LOL  Obviously they did not feel bad enough to say happy birthday! 

I think I elicited around 100 "Happy Birthday"s yesterday!  :-)  Office workers, delivery men, couriers, even the new post lady, were not spared the announcement!

I was so spoilt – the crutches probably helped there – with people at my beck and call all day.

My friend Miss Gee drove me home and then we had a "girls" evening of wine & nibbles. Most enjoyable! 

My astro-dweeb might be slumming it in Hawaii but he did not forget me – this lovely flower arrangement arrived at work during the afternoon:

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