The house still stands…

in spite of the best efforts by our neighbours.

Yesterday, within the space of less than a mile there were 3 booths selling fireworks …   

The first one – not open yet -  8.30am  

The second one -  not open either:

The third one -  closest to home – open and doing business before 9am.  We didn't actually buy any -  I just noted their presence and the fact that the last one has hand written signs saying that "We do not sell things that explode, blow up or go in the air" .  In DC "legal" fireworks are sparklers less than 20 inches, crackles, strobes and fountains.  Things noted on those signs require a permit.  I don't think many people around me get permits.

  The manservant barbecued hot dogs for dinner -  the makings:

Made:  The little green bits are chopped pepper from the garden:

And this is why we don't leave the house unattended on July 4.  Neighbours setting off noisy bright things that involve burning embers flying through the air…….   that's the roof & awning of our house the embers are coming towards:


This can make one a little nervous. We drank heavily, whilst keeping vigil, sitting on our top deck – we constantly had things raining down on us. Everyone in our row has timber decks – a lot of us have timber fences.  It has not rained for ages and the wood was like kindling. At one stage they set a fence on fire.  They did have a fire extinguisher on hand but still ….  not cool!


Raining over the wooden deck rails: 


And raining down on us


Incoming  – from all directions!! 

  Prettiest one of the night:  

This is a small collection of the crap which made its way onto our top deck last night.  Those little stone/glass things hurt when they hit you!  


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Colonial Ingrates Day

I have a friend in England who calls July 4, Colonial Ingrates Day (I suspect many British do likewise – in jest of course!).

This was our first July 4 in the 'hood and it was very different to the other side of town.  Just about everyone in our row had a barbie and it felt like we were all just hanging out together even though we were separated by fences.

The neighbourhood was lit up with illegal (to DC) fireworks until 2 o'clock in the morning!   We, somewhat apprehensively, watched for escaping embers trying to light up our awning or wooden deck. 


The kid from across the alley tried very hard to set our timber fence on fire by lighting all his fireworks right next to it. His house has a back fence of wire cyclone fencing – obviously not nearly as exciting as the prospect of burning a neighbour's fence!   Luckily he ran out of fireworks before he damaged property or his limbs.


We could not see the fireworks on the National Mall but we could see the red glow in the sky over the houses across the alley from us.  I think that "feathery" line is part of a local firework:


Our gun shot triangulation system must have been going nuts – all those bangs & pops!  And smoke everywhere: 

I know these shots are not as spectacular as some people have posted of fireworks displays but remember these are just in my city neighbourhood!



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