A bag of beans – coffee beans…


The manservant has a friend, the Hawaiian,  who lives on the Big Island.  

The Hawaiian grows Kona coffee on a 3 acre farm.  To be authentic, Kona coffee can only be grown at altitudes between 1,000 and 3,000 feet along a 20 mile stretch of rainforest on the slopes of Mauna Loa.

The Hawaiian hand picks and mills his beans and then sun dries them.  He drives them to a place to be roasted in 25lb batches.  He stands overseeing the roasting process to ensure he gets his beans back.  He then hand packages them for sale. 

The majority of his customers like a roast blend of 2/3rds dark : 1/3 medium. There is more flavour with a dark roast but less caffeine than in a medium roast.  The Hawaiian drinks a 50/50 blend.   We go with the grower's choice. 

Ten divine pounds of 50/50 blend arrived in a bag for us today.  God, it smells good!

The Hawaiian has a basically fully sustainable farm.   The coffee shrubs grow everywhere except the plot for the vegetables: 

  I have never met the Hawaiian but the manservant hangs out on the farm whenever he goes to Hawaii.  I am told that the Hawaiian can whip up a marvelous meal straight out of this garden.


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