Rigor Foot

What a terrible night's sleep I had last night.  The clunky piece of wood-foot, which is now nailed onto my twig-leg, did not like its freedom from the cast.  I could not get it comfortable.  It does not "bend" at the ankle so it won't "flop" comfortably.

When the cast came off yesterday my leg reminded me of this landscape.  It was dirty, arid, scaley and had a zig-zag scar through it! 

I took this photo at Haleakala on the island of Maui.

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Nearly there……

I am nearly at the end of the cast "adventure".   Sometimes the road to this last day has looked like this:  a very long road with no end in sight: 

I went into the first cast on July 18th.  I had surgery on Friday August 22nd and on Monday 25th they whacked me back into another cast.   I have had black casts, purple casts and a green cast.  Luckily none of these colours clashed terribly with my clothes.

Sometimes getting places with the cast and crutches has seemed like a trek over this:

But, I have managed to get to the other side – and with only a few falls.

Now, eleven weeks and two days later, today is the last day of the hard cast!   Tomorrow morning I will make the trip down the front steps and off to the doctor to have the cast removed and an airboot "installed".   In my mind I see myself getting into that airboot and just waltzing out of his office.  The reality is, that after that length of immobility and surgery, I will probably be hobbling out with the aid of the crutches.

What am I looking forward to …….  getting that poor leg washed and being able to sleep without being encased!!              Yippee – just one more big sleep to go!!!!!!

* Both photos were taken in Australia by me. The road is somewhere in the Northern Territory between Uluru and Alice Springs.  The "rock" is Uluru just after sunrise.  

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Slight relapse

I can say with certainty that THE most important part of our body is the foot!  If something goes wrong with it, it sucks! 🙂
I may never wear heels again – as a preventative measure. 

After a couple of nights of abnormal pain (of a more intensive kind than I had been having) my doctor had me go in and he cut off the cast to have a look.  It was just as I suspected – covering stitches with a cast is just not a good idea!    The section along the side of my foot has been "weeping" and is "soft"  but not really infected.  I am going onto antibiotics anyway.

A patch, about 2" square, below my toes is dead.  The doctor called it numb.  I call it  d-e-a-d!    The hideous, stinging, burning pain goes from the second last toe (which is also dead along with the little toe) through that dead square to the outer ankle bone.  It is weird that something so dead can be feeling such pain!   The doctor assures me that it is just numb and that feeling is going to come back, but that it might take up to 6 months.   I have to say that all those screaming nerves are way past irritating!  

So, after dolloping some antibiotic cream on the stitches, a new cast was put on, my Lyrica dosage was increased and I got a script for antibiotics.   I requested a green cast today, but they had run out of that so I went back into purple. (I resisted the urge to go with pink – too much Cindy McCain). 

I can move my toes – but not much.  While I was lying on my stomach having the new cast put on the doctor asked me to wriggle my toes.  Then he repeated it.  I said "I AM"  …   LOL.   It felt like moderate movement to me but must have actually been pretty miniscule!  My homework is to keep wriggling whenever I think of it – it will help the nerves re-establish themselves and will help loosen the tendon which is going to be tight with all that stitching.

I took my camera today and took some photos of the stitches.  I don't want to gross anyone out so I won't post them here in the actual post but I will put one in the "photo" section for the ghouls or curious. 

Here is one I can share – the discarded cast.  It is sort of scary having it sawn off but the little blade will not cut skin – it quite literally will not cut skin.


With the exception of two days after the surgery (when I was heavily bandaged & had a splint on) I have now been in a cast since July 18th !  And, I have 4 more weeks to go!     One more week off work – one more week of daytime telly! 


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Well showering turned out to be harder than I would've liked.  My shower is over a bath tub which was screaming Danger! Danger! (Will Robinson) – so I  decided to use astro-dweeb's shower because it is one of those square plastic shower bases and a curtain.  

I meticulously put a huge rubbish bag on my cast leg and securely taped the top tight with invisible packing tape..

Well …  I discovered that you can not turn his water down to just a dribble so there was water spraying around everywhere and there I was trying to keep my leg out of that square but the angle of the spray meant that it was starting to dribble down that leg!  The bag has slipped a little and I'm sure I can feel it running into the inside of the cast.   

Images of my plaster dissolving swim into my mind! (Is that why you are not supposed to get it wet?)

I am desperate to get any errant water dried up but I can't get the bloody bag off because I have taped it all the way around my leg with this stupid super strength tape!!!!!!!

In a moment of utter pathetic-ness I throw myself onto the spare bed – naked, crying, wet and with a big black rubbish bag on my leg!!!

What an image!  I'm just sorry there are no photos!!!


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