I went to the doctor on Friday to assess how my foot is going.  He started talking about aqua therapy and I stopped listening! 

I do not get into pools.  I do not own a swimsuit.  This aqua "thing" is just not going to happen.

Luckily the manservant was with me and had not lost his voice as he laughed and said "that is not gonna happen" .  The solution – a lot of water in my bath tub where the lack of a swimsuit is not an issue, and, I'm not likely to drown as I can touch the bottom. LOL

Then he put a brace on my ankle and expected me to squish it back into the boot.  It was like trying on a shoe 3 sizes too small!   He told me it was just a "sensitization" issue.   I told him the foot plus brace is too big for the boot!  I'm a woman -  I know when shoes are too small!

I hobbled out of his office with this now super uncomfortable boot but pleased that I had avoided a public pool humiliation.

Saturday morning after my early bathtub session of foot stretching, twisting and splashing exercises, I put the boot on without the brace. We had a day of fun things planned with the rental car and it didn't include doing them in discomfort.

Later in the afternoon I was relaxing on the couch when the phone rang ……  It was my doctor calling to check out how the brace was going!!!! 

He absolutely knew on Friday that I was not going to wear that brace willingly!   LOL.  Thank God I could truthfully answer his question about whether I had done the water exercises!

As soon as I hung up I sent the manservant to retrieve the brace from the corner I had thrown it into and I have worn it squashed inside the boot, like a good girl, ever since.  It borders on torturous but the good news is that I might only have to wear the boot for a further 2 weeks now instead of 3!

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