Third tagging ….

I have been tagged, for the third time, to write 8 random things about myself – this time by Strixaluco

1.  I'm a fairly obliging person!

2. When I was young, I was made to go to school no matter how sick I was. The school would contact my grandmother to come and get me and I would stay with her until my father came to pick me up. One day I was sick and thought I would save everyone some trouble and walked off to my grandmother's at lunchtime (of course I didn't tell anyone).  When I got there she wasn't home so I walked back to the school.  I must have taken the scenic route because when I got back, the school was deserted.  "Someone" found me trudging the street crying and picked me up. I learnt a valuable lesson – don't run away from school on a Tuesday as that was Nan's day out.

3.  I love all sorts of cheese except plastic, bright yellow and any that comes out of a can!

4. Eight is starting to seem a big number!  Well, it does take 2 hands to count it.

5. I really, really dislike baseball. I have so far managed to avoid going to a game. This was easy when I first came to DC as we did not have a baseball team. When the city was trying to secure the Nationals I took part in a phone survey on whether I thought baseball would be good for the city and how we should fund the cost of a stadium. I  happily played along because I did think it would be good for the city …. The very last question was: So, how many home games would you attend?  I couldn't very well say "none" after having been such an enthusiastic supporter on paper, but I had no idea how many home games are in a season.  The woman told me some ridiculously high number and I struck a figure somewhere around a fifth of that.  I do not intend to honour that!

6.  I have driven on the wrong side of the road in both America and Australia. 

7.  I am really liking Sangiovese wines at the moment. Sangiovese 101  -  I started with Rosemount Sangiovese in Australia and have tried Italian & Californian ones since. 

8. This time last year I was in China.  Actually, I was  probably in a forest in the middle of no-where with a bus driver and hotel staff who did not speak English. (and I don't speak any sort of Chinese).

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Second Round ….

More random things about me – for SandyU  who tagged me……..

1.  I love Plain Non-Fat yogurt.  I have it for lunch every day.  My lunch has never been stolen out of the work fridge.

2. I do not watch any "reality" TV shows  – I seem to be the only person I know who doesn't.  However, I did watch the first season of Survivor all those years ago.

3.  I have peroneal tendonitis in my left foot.  I have had it for 2 years now.  I don't think it is ever going to get better – it is an "overuse" injury and I just can't see how you can not use your foot.

4.  I admit to having owned some Abba cassettes – but surely I did not purchase them myself! 🙂

5.  For seven years I lived in a 12-storey apartment block with hundreds of others and only learnt the name of one neighbour.  Ophelia!  A fabulous name  – I wish I was called Ophelia. My father wanted to call me Fleur – I'm glad my mother resisted – though Fleur would be a good Vox name. 

6.  I think of worst case scenarios for every situation.  I am a "what if worrier".  What if robbers suddenly appeared to rob that armoured truck as I'm walking past,  what if my waiter just sneezed all over my plate and has some incurable disease spread by "droplets"; what if the plane really does have to make a water landing; what if the life jacket is not under the seat;  what if ….. you get the idea!

7.  I have morning "tea" at 10am every morning – weekday & weekends. Though this actually consists of coffee rather than tea; if I miss out for any reason I turn into a very nasty person.

8. I have probably eaten tons of chocolate in my lifetime.  I have still not perfected the art of making a box last longer than a day.  I intend to continue practising on this!

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Bench Press Champ

Randoms One by One  – Number 4:  
I won a bench press competition when I was nearly 40 yo – Most Reps of 70lbs.  I did 35 reps and won a cool trophy.

Well, what can I say other than I'm a really strong girl.  One of my sisters is also strong…  maybe we share genes with Cratus.

My maximum lift was 130-140lbs  – I know that is a 10lb range but I can't remember now which it was.  I do know it was bloody heavy!  

There is a photo of me on the wall of the gym where my two sons are now members!   It must feel like I am keeping my eye on them! 

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8 random things about me …..

I was tagged by bold as love  and Kellysouth  to write 8 random things about myself – so here goes:

1.  I have both an Australian & American driver's Licence as well as Motor Bike licences. I have an Aussie articulated heavy vehicle licence (tractor trailer) and a Boat Licence.    I do not own any vehicles.  Or a boat!
2.  I learnt the piano for more than 7 years, the clarinet for 2 years and the guitar for less than a month.  I learnt French by correspondence because my secondary school only offered cooking or sewing as electives for the Year 10 School Certificate.

3.  I am a poor Aussie  – I hate beer and I can barely swim.  I learnt to swim in Adult swimming classes when I was 41 – needless to say I was the only Aussie in the class.  I only learnt so I could go to the Great Barrier Reef – but when I got there they provided life jackets so I didn't need to swim anyway. 

4.  I won a bench press competition when I was nearly 40 yo – Most Reps of 70lbs.  I did 35 reps and won a cool trophy.

5.  When I was 19, I drank too much of many varieties of alcohol – I got alcoholic poisoning and was sick for 3 days.   I did not drink again until my 30th birthday when I had a quarter of a glass of wine …  I've been building up ever since!

6.  I am more likely to burst into tears than stand up for myself.  A couple of years ago work sent me to a workshop:  "Managing Emotions under Pressure"  -   it was in a really bad part of town and I had trouble getting a taxi willing to come and pick me up after the course.  I was standing on the footpath in tears  -  yep that course worked!

7.  I have been married twice – neither of them "weddings" as such.  The first one was in a hotel and my ex and I paid for 58 others to have dinner with us. The next day we went on a 3 week trip through Asia.  Five days at the end were spent in Singapore – languishing in the Hilton with food poisoning – except for transfers to/from the airport that is all I saw of Singapore!!!
The second marriage was in a courthouse in Maryland.  The justice was a naturalized citizen with a strong Latino accent.  She called the astro-dweeb by his real name (instead of the middle name he goes by) and I was confused about who I was agreeing to marry' asking "who?".  She had to run out to get her assistant to witness our signatures as we didn't have anyone with us.  I'm pretty sure she thought I was only marrying for a green card!

8.  I can be self deprecating ..   there is really an intelligent thin woman inside me. She is stymied by blondness and chocolate!!!

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