Mountains of snow….

On Wednesday they finally got the Silver Line (train) running again – it had not been running as they were worried about the 3rd rail being an issue with all the snow, and no-one wants to be sitting out there in a powerless train!  So, off to work I went on Wednesday but once I arrived at the station it was pretty apparent I wasn’t going to be walking far!

No side-walks visible but in the typical way of this car-centric society the road was nicely cleared; two lanes each way.  (That’s a commuter parking lot on the right, also nicely cleared)Where's the sidewalk?

I didn’t relish climbing those impressive snow-mountains at the “walk” signs – for starters my boots are only calf-high – and walking on the road goes against my survival instincts…  luckily I have a friend in the office who came & picked me up.  Should be easy to cross here.....

It sucked to be the manservant though –  he takes the bus – and this was one of his stops  – that’s the bus shelter on the left (behind the advertising) and the timetable post on the right.  The plows kept coming along just to make sure the wall of snow stayed in place…  Bus stop

Then to cap off a bad week there was a fire in our “local”  – apparently things got a bit hot in the kitchen:  Fire at the local

Glad we’re back to 40, 50 and 60 degree temperatures this week!

Blizzard over..

Well, that was fun…..
The alcohol lasted (how could it not really) but the chocolate almost ran out (which would’ve been really bad!)  We spent most of the blizzard on the couch in front of twin screens – the TV and the window:-

where we spent the blizzard

We had accumulation of more than 29 inches in our backyard..  and someone had to clear the steps.  The first step down into the yard was a bit of a shock!

Ooh - that's deep!


clearing the steps - where to start


.clearing the steps

We have a flat roof which can be a little concerning when it comes to having all that weight sitting up there. Snow is oozing over the edge of our roof and those of our neighbors

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The manservant did a superb job clearing the section of sidewalk in-front of our house (especially compared to our neighbors’ efforts)

footpath ours



Our street has had a plow run through it a couple of times but it’s going to be a while before our car-owning neighbors will get their cars out!



cars hidden

It made for some pretty images

streetlight snow


Icicles 2

…. And some amusing ones:

Scoop the poop

What is this stuff?  Gingermutt, the alley cat, found a sunny perch yesterday.


This morning he’s enjoying the sun  – while sitting in a patch of icy snow! (he’s probably judging my effort on clearing those steps!)

Gingermutt in ice

The Holiday Party


Last night was my company’s Holiday Party.  I haven’t been for a few years because they started having them in a place that was not metro (train) accessible. This year it was in the Pavilion Room at the Ronald Reagan Building on Pennsylvania Avenue downtown – only a few blocks walk from a metro station.

So, I dolled up, getting a second wear of my mother-of-the-groom dress from 5 years ago.  The manservant thinks I should get yet another wear from it at the Princess’s wedding in 2017.   LOL!!

I swear I am not crooked in real-life:-


It was snowing in the Pavilion


The bar was open:


The food was good:


And the sweets were really superb – I tried more than one or three of these – maybe even four (they were small!) :-


It was a good night.  I probably enjoyed it more than the manservant but while I flitted around being social he enjoyed the Manhattans.



Jeez – seriously!

It’s been nearly a year since I last posted!

My laptop came back from the Apple hospital but it continued to have issues and now I’m really pleased to announce that the manservant has a new laptop on order and I will be getting his hand-me-down soon!  Maybe even before Christmas.

So, how has my 2015 been …

***  January:  My office moved into the “country” – an economic decision based on rent costs. It means my commute went from 3 miles to interminable!   It also means snow photos without any nearby buildings:


***  February:  More snow … still loving the colour we chose for our house – plum with green trim:Feb snow

But, while it was snowing in Washington DC my son, Econo-boy, and his girlfriend were holidaying in Fiji and getting engaged!


*** March  – it was still snowing!   

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*** April –  Econo-boy & Ms AM had an engagement party  –

Feb Nelson_Aleks_207

Yes it was in Australia and yes I missed it; the manservant and I were swanning around ….  First in Guernsey, Channel Islands:

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And then Sark – a lovely island with no cars and a cat cleaning itself on an isolated clifftop!

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Then in Bristol, England:

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And then St. Albans in England

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We were back in DC in time for the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli (World War 1)  and we went to the dawn service on 25th April held at the Korean War Memorial: April

*** May  – my brother & his wife came to visit!!   The first sibling to come to Washington DC.  Actually the only sibling to visit America!   And he got me to my first ever baseball game (which only confirmed what I already knew –  I really do not like baseball).

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*** June –   apparently nothing of note happened.  

*** July – a super exciting month as it celebrates my birth.  We had a long weekend in (or is it “on”) Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.  Chincoteague is home to Misty of Chincoteague. We did not see any of the wild ponies – they were standing in a shady copse while we humans stood on the viewing platform in the blazing 95 degree sun. We climbed halfway up the lighthouse before I started feeling sick (it’s those open grille steps & landings that do me in). The Island’s annual fair was on.  We bought a Smith Island cake on the way home – yum!!

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*** August – we got a new train car on our metro line. If you rode in some of our crappy rail cars you would understand how this could be a highlight of the month…. August new metro

*** September –  the Princess & Nick got engaged!!!

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*** October –  the manservant & I went to Australia where lots was going on.   The Princess had an engagement dinner where we got to meet Nick’s family,  and we farewelled Econo-boy and Ms AM as they moved to London:

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The little grand-baby turned 2

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And I had lovely quality time with the little guy:

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I got to hang out with my 3 favorite young men: October boys

With my mother:

October visiting mum

And with my father –  well, his memorial seat – and the lovely view of the Myall River from that seat.

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With sister Jane, aka Cat,  (I don’t know what’s going on with my t-shirt – I think it got caught up on the handle of mum’s walker) –

October w m & J

And with friends (I have more friends but not more photos).

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We went by ferry up the Parramatta River into the city

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We got back to DC in time for the 20th anniversary of the first exoplanet discoveries and went to some cool events like one at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum:

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*** November – was full of  train commutes, DC traffic jams, autumn colours in Rock Creek Park, cupcakes and our alley cat Gingermutt.

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And that’s my year so far!



An interruption to my…..

regular-irregular posting.  The photos were sorted; the words were forming; the laptop stopped working!
About a week ago my laptop starting napping and became increasing sluggish to wake.  It would take multiple restarts before it got to the stage of opening a website. Only to fall asleep again 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes later.  Repeat the restarts.  Until those restarts failed.
Yesterday it was admitted to the Apple hospital.   It began its journey at the “genius bar”  but they could not diagnose the problem so sent it off to the specialists.   Expected treatment time: 7 – 10 days.  No visitors allowed. Once cured it will be released and sent home; unaccompanied.  I hope the little guy makes it!
Thank God I’m practically maniacal about backing up!

Madtante came to town……

and I hope she wasn’t disappointed!

MT arrived on Friday night excited about her first trip to Washington DC.   On Saturday morning we were up and out for a tour of the US Capitol  – compliments of MT’s state Senator Claire McCaskill.   DSC04379a


DSC04392a.The Dome is currently undergoing extensive restoration – hence the scaffolding…


We had a tour time of 10:30am but for some reason that tour was cancelled and they fitted us into the 10am tour  –  just as well we were there early enough to join that one!    14 years living in DC and I’ve never been inside the Capitol before.   I think I was a little disappointed with the tour as I was expecting more technical/historical information than our guide provided but the “space”  of the Capitol and Dome is pretty impressive.  .DSC04412





This covering is called the “donut”  and it’s in place while the Dome is renovated.  It’s to stop bits & pieces falling down onto the tourists. DSC04407We had a really pleasant, though disgustingly unhealthy lunch break,  (coffee & a radioactive-red cupcake for me and coffee & cheetahs & M&M’s for MT)  in the Capitol restaurant DSC04397aand then we took the tunnel to the Library of Congress.   WOW!   Next time I need to take a guided tour of this place  DSC04503.








Then we wandered to the Hirshhorn Museum where we explored some contemporary art.  Here are my favourites: DSC04599




DSC04612and then through the Sculpture Garden  DSC04596 Copying-001


DSC04598aPast the National Archives …….   DSC04620aAnd past the US Naval Memorial Plaza as we headed to the train home….    DSC04618aOn Sunday MT headed out to do her own exploring while I did boring things like washing and working.   On Monday morning it was up early for poor MT as the manservant & I had to be at our respective offices by 8am so she had a bit of a wait before her flight.  I hope she enjoyed her stay and the sights of DC.  Here we are with the National Mall and Washington Monument in the background…. Emjay & MT-001


What’s wrong with this? …….


voter's guide

Okay, perhaps a little difficult unless you live in the United States. And then, perhaps you have to actually live in Washington DC to spot it.  So, here’s a hint: :


Yep, the flag on our official Voter’s Guide is printed upside down!   When first asked to comment officials said it was deliberately done that way to draw attention and engage voters after a low voter turnout at the primary election in April.   Of course we totally believe that ………..