About Me

I’m an Aussie living in Washington DC, wandering about with a point & shoot camera.  I dance when no-one else is watching – mostly to Leonard Cohen.   I enjoy white wine and chocolate – one can not have too much of either…

An alley cat has adopted me but has no wish to live inside; which is probably lucky for my piranha.  Or, perhaps it’s the other way around.

My manservant is an astronomer who encourages me to keep looking up.   An American I met in Sydney he whisked me off to a country I’d never had any interest in visiting let alone living in.  But, here I still am 14 years later!    I do remind him often though that, although he took the girl out of Australia, he’ll never get the Aussieness out of the girl.

I’ve travelled a lot but there is still more of the world to see and I intend to get out and see it for as long as I’m able.   And, even when I’m unable perhaps someone will push my wheelchair….

I’m about 10,000 miles from my three grown up children but they still manage to feature in the occasional post.  They are the Locksmith, the Princess and the Economist.

The kids (1)

And, I’m now Mimi to this adorable little munchkin, compliments of the Locksmith and his lovely wife……

Birthday Munchkin