Mountains of snow….

On Wednesday they finally got the Silver Line (train) running again – it had not been running as they were worried about the 3rd rail being an issue with all the snow, and no-one wants to be sitting out there in a powerless train!  So, off to work I went on Wednesday but once I arrived at the station it was pretty apparent I wasn’t going to be walking far!

No side-walks visible but in the typical way of this car-centric society the road was nicely cleared; two lanes each way.  (That’s a commuter parking lot on the right, also nicely cleared)Where's the sidewalk?

I didn’t relish climbing those impressive snow-mountains at the “walk” signs – for starters my boots are only calf-high – and walking on the road goes against my survival instincts…  luckily I have a friend in the office who came & picked me up.  Should be easy to cross here.....

It sucked to be the manservant though –  he takes the bus – and this was one of his stops  – that’s the bus shelter on the left (behind the advertising) and the timetable post on the right.  The plows kept coming along just to make sure the wall of snow stayed in place…  Bus stop

Then to cap off a bad week there was a fire in our “local”  – apparently things got a bit hot in the kitchen:  Fire at the local

Glad we’re back to 40, 50 and 60 degree temperatures this week!


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  1. Good grief, Emjay! Be careful when you do venture out! I used to shake my fist at the snowplows that would leave huge snowbanks at the corners where pedestrians had to cross. At times it was downright dangerous to climb over those banks, especially at night. A coworker at the newspaper I used to work at fell down a bank and broke his leg; he was passed by dozens of cars while he lay in the street, and it was only luck that a police car came by and rescued him.

    The county transit office was responsible for digging out the bus stops and shelters after a snowstorm, but they were always days behind, especially in the residential neighborhoods. The downtown stops always got priority, which was understandable, but nobody lived downtown, and where did they think people would be coming from after an all-night snowfall? Here’s hoping the sun does its job and melts most of the snow down the drains.

  2. What’s it like now – has it all melted away? Our weather is oscillating wildly, and our promised ‘El Nino’ rain is proving to be very coy – we’re being told that if it comes at all, it should be in 1 – 1 1/2 months.

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