Blizzard over..

Well, that was fun…..
The alcohol lasted (how could it not really) but the chocolate almost ran out (which would’ve been really bad!)  We spent most of the blizzard on the couch in front of twin screens – the TV and the window:-

where we spent the blizzard

We had accumulation of more than 29 inches in our backyard..  and someone had to clear the steps.  The first step down into the yard was a bit of a shock!

Ooh - that's deep!


clearing the steps - where to start


.clearing the steps

We have a flat roof which can be a little concerning when it comes to having all that weight sitting up there. Snow is oozing over the edge of our roof and those of our neighbors

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The manservant did a superb job clearing the section of sidewalk in-front of our house (especially compared to our neighbors’ efforts)

footpath ours



Our street has had a plow run through it a couple of times but it’s going to be a while before our car-owning neighbors will get their cars out!



cars hidden

It made for some pretty images

streetlight snow


Icicles 2

…. And some amusing ones:

Scoop the poop

What is this stuff?  Gingermutt, the alley cat, found a sunny perch yesterday.


This morning he’s enjoying the sun  – while sitting in a patch of icy snow! (he’s probably judging my effort on clearing those steps!)

Gingermutt in ice


20 responses

    • We spied a lovely Cardinal sitting in our Japanese Maple while snow was falling – there are generally not many birds in my neighbourhood though. It snowed for so long here I just couldn’t stay inside any longer – I took hundreds of photos.

  1. I feel sorry for the dog that has to go outside to poop in that snow! Our dog was so small, he would disappear in the snow if I didn’t get out there first and dig for him a little “pee path” to his favorite tree.

    You look fabulous outside with the snow shovel! I’m feeling a little nostalgic for a real winter, but my daughter in New York assures me that snow is overrated.

    • LOL – I only saw big dogs being walked – and loving the snow! Yesterday there was a beautiful white dog out and the only reason I noticed it was the brown lead attached to a human – the dog was totally camouflaged.

      Your daughter is right. 🙂 It’s fun at first but it’s now Tuesday and our street is still impassable, metro (trains) not running properly, shops not stocked up… and I’m on my 2nd day of working from home – I need to get where people are LOL.

  2. not sure the booze would have lasted with just me. especially with my sick cat – i would have been so freaked out about not getting to an ER vet that I would have been drinking everything!

    glad you survived. LOVED the ‘first step’ pic!!

    • When I’m cooped up I tend to eat more than usual rather than drink more but this time I got my fair share from the bottles too. I’m now on my 5th day of being inside and I’m wondering if I’ll get my trousers done up tomorrow if I’m able to get to work!

      The first step down into the yard was a shock – I wasn’t expecting it to be that deep (though just looking at where the snow sits in relation to the bolt on the gate should’ve been a hint!) . The manservant pressed the shutter at just the perfect moment.

    • Yeah, it’s been awhile since we had any “real” snow so lots of people, including me, were looking forward to this one. I’m guessing they’re not so enthused now because the cleanup is not complete ….. (some people expect miracles though 🙂 ).

    • That is one silly cat! There’s a comfy chair against the house on the deck (which is sort of undercover as there’s an upper deck on top of it) – I wiped the chair dry and put a fluffy towel on it and G’Mutt looked at it, turned up his nose and sat in a pile of snow beside it. I put cat biscuits on the towel and he stood on hind legs to move the biscuits down into the snow to eat them and then he jumped up onto a metal table and lazed there for the day.

  3. I would’ve gladly taken a few inches of your snow. The weather prophets around here called for 4″ but all I got was about 1/3″. I must admit I was a bit disappointed.

    I like that first picture of you in the snow.

    • Yeah 1/3″ would be disappointing after the expectation of more. I think I’d have been disappointed if we hadn’t got the 2 feet we were “promised”. It must be time for you to have a trip back to DC… the streetscape is similar to your visit years ago.

      The manservant did a great job with the camera, catching me just as I’d stepped down (and in focus too!).

  4. Those are cute pictures of you! Your snow photos make me think back to my years living in Buffalo–yikes! Where we are now, in northeastern NY, we didn’t get a single flake!

    • Thank you re the photos – it was fun until my feet started to freeze! I don’t have tall boots (not normally needed here) so the snow filled my boots. I think Buffalonians (and basically anyone north of here) laugh at how we cope with snow…. 🙂

  5. Woohoo! You made it! When I was a kid–up through high school–those levels of snow were expected. The “tunnels” or “goat tracks” had to be dug from house to all outer buildings and barns (or in the case of the hogs, to their pen, which was about 2 acres. We dug them to feed and water but the critters pretty much had to figure it out for themselves if they wanted to play and they DID! Go, Gingermutt!

    Of course outs were usually accumulated over a few DAYS not holy or unholy dumps!
    “Alive, send Lindt.”

    • Re the Lindt message – love it! I’ve enjoyed our snow but now it’s time to be gone – the city doesn’t have the equipment to cope with one of these “unholy dumps” (:-) ) so we’ve borrowed some from Indiana (LOL!) it’s supposed to arrive today…..

  6. Egad. Some of those images look like WWI trenches, only in white, instead of mud-colored. This past Friday/Saturday I was working in the AVN pressroom in Vegas and more than one journalist was stranded in that city due to all flights headed east being grounded.

    The idea of a cat judging is delightful – and so expected. Even looking at Ginger Cat’s back, one can sense the level of his disapproval.

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