An interruption to my…..

regular-irregular posting.  The photos were sorted; the words were forming; the laptop stopped working!
About a week ago my laptop starting napping and became increasing sluggish to wake.  It would take multiple restarts before it got to the stage of opening a website. Only to fall asleep again 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes later.  Repeat the restarts.  Until those restarts failed.
Yesterday it was admitted to the Apple hospital.   It began its journey at the “genius bar”  but they could not diagnose the problem so sent it off to the specialists.   Expected treatment time: 7 – 10 days.  No visitors allowed. Once cured it will be released and sent home; unaccompanied.  I hope the little guy makes it!
Thank God I’m practically maniacal about backing up!

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  1. I hope Apple really does keep your laptop for just 7-10 days. When my younger daughter’s Macbook began hiccuping, she had to send it off to the Apple gods for repair. To her horror, they kept it for almost two months. They said it took that long to find replacement parts, implying that her computer was old and should be replaced. (It was just three years old.) But this was the machine she was using for school, and she really needed the darn thing back quickly. Her very kind brother-in-law finally gave her his two-year-old Macbook, so by the time the old one came back, she wasn’t so enthused about it. My son now owns it and uses it mostly to play Skyrim. Quite a fall from being my daughter’s “baby.”

  2. you have backups? man, I’d skip the ER and buy and new computer. but i’m impulsive that way… and its great till I have to restore everything and versions don’t align and I forgot to backup my firefox bookmarks (happened at work yesterday).
    nice to see you out and about in da hood!

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