Road Trip……


Two weeks in a rental car;  2,319 miles or 3,732 kms.  And, we’re still married!
When you’re doing directions on Google maps it will only allow you to put in 9 stops after your starting point so my map shows the basic outline of our trip.   Our complete route in order was:
Washington DC to:-
South Point, Ohio
Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
Versailles, Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
Frankfort Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Bardstown, Kentucky
Loretto,  Kentucky
Hodgenville, Kentucky
Nashville, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Tuscumbia, Alabama
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
Asheville, North Carolina
High Point, North Carolina
Back to Washington DC.

road trip map

This photo shows where I sat for most of the trip and reflections show what I was doing; aiming my camera out the window and following the route along in an old fashioned atlas.

Reflections 2

We had an awesome time and of course I took a trillion photos to illustrate how much fun it was.  And yes, I will share some once I get them sorted out; so many tales to tell.

And we arrived home to find this waiting for us compliments of MadTante  who recently had a long weekend with us.  We’re opening it tonight – I’m sure it will help me sort through those aforementioned photos……. IMG_3265



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  1. Oh wow a lot of driving. But at least you had a driver and a more leisurely agenda than I did (of course as soon as I saw this map on my feed I had flashbacks to Nick Cave). I can’t wait to hear more about it and see some pics!! Glad you had a good time and welcome back.

  2. It’s a testament to how stable your marriage is if you and the manservant sat in the same car for that long and didn’t have an quarrels about being lost! My husband always insisted on taking the “Blue Highways” route (he got the idea from reading the book by William Least Heat-Moon), which took three times as long as driving the main interstate and almost always got us lost or stuck behind a slow-moving truck. We did see some lovely landscapes and followed the route of Lewis and Clark, but with two young children in the backseat and me being responsible for the bookkeeping and scheduling (“we were supposed to be in Billings, Montana by this evening”), it became less of an adventure and more of a forced march at certain points.

    I will look forward to more of your stories and pictures. I’ve only been to Lexington, and that was during Kentucky Derby week, hardly a typical time for the area. I feel like I really don’t know the state at all.

    • Oh, we didn’t go totally unscathed in the quarrel department 🙂 I do maintain that I am a much better navigator than him so when I was driving I was tense and on edge waiting for him to tell me the turns …… and then really mad when he’d give them after we’d sailed past! I’m a bit of a “back seat” driver and after awhile he’d say “well why don’t you drive?” and I’d reply “because you need the practise” LOL. I think he’d tune me out then 🙂

    • Think I’ve only been through the Shenandoah a couple of times – it’s one of those places I think I should see more of but never get around to it. We came back through Richmond from NC rather than Roanoke/Charlottesville. I really liked the rural area around Lexington.

  3. A co-worker’s husband commented on their vacation – “We took a 4500 mile road trip. She drove 50 of them.”

    Yay, more photos to add to the ever-increasing pile! (Or did you finish the scan/sort project?)

    • LOL – I think we all know the answer to that scanning question…..
      I wasn’t quite as bad as your co-worker but the manservant certainly did the bulk of the driving. I drove a couple of hours in Kentucky to Nashville; Knoxville to Asheville (I did not like the curves & trucks on the mountains! I grew up driving in flat country!) and from just outside High Point NC to about 30 miles outside DC. I’m really uncomfortable driving in cities – it’s too easy to make mistakes on left turns!

    • Oh, we were pretty close. Missouri is a state I still have to visit – that will be another trip with Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas. I’m planning on seeing every state eventually.
      So glad the wine was waiting for us – it was lovely.

      • Missouri is cery goid in autumn for foliage but only about 2 weeks. Summer is insanely hot, exacerbated by humidity above 90%. Winter is brown and drab but we dont get thise 20″ snows since the 90s… Spring can be lovely, particularly when serviceberry, redbud and dogwoods (plus the regular hardeood greening) are in bloom. The drive across mid-MO (I/70) is not impressive. You’d probably go blue hwys anyway but id definitely avoid 70. 44 is fine as it’s the old Rt 66!

      • I had some fantasy that we would get a motor home and spend twelve months touring the States. If you think about that in reality, you could only allow a week per state to manage it in that time. Anyway, I am so over travelling since the most recent trip, I don’t feel like going anywhere, and, I do think it would be stretching the marriage a little bit too far!

        • Mmm… it would be like doing Australia in 12 months – the area is about the same. But, there are more towns/cities to go through here and a longer history – I think you could spend years (forever) crisscrossing the country and you’re right I think that would stretch the marriage! LOL.

    • It was totally for fun Kerry. It was a lot of miles in 2 weeks but we really didn’t feel as if we were rushing. I’d originally thought it might feel like one of those bus tours – 15 cities in 12 days!

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