Madtante came to town……

and I hope she wasn’t disappointed!

MT arrived on Friday night excited about her first trip to Washington DC.   On Saturday morning we were up and out for a tour of the US Capitol  – compliments of MT’s state Senator Claire McCaskill.   DSC04379a


DSC04392a.The Dome is currently undergoing extensive restoration – hence the scaffolding…


We had a tour time of 10:30am but for some reason that tour was cancelled and they fitted us into the 10am tour  –  just as well we were there early enough to join that one!    14 years living in DC and I’ve never been inside the Capitol before.   I think I was a little disappointed with the tour as I was expecting more technical/historical information than our guide provided but the “space”  of the Capitol and Dome is pretty impressive.  .DSC04412





This covering is called the “donut”  and it’s in place while the Dome is renovated.  It’s to stop bits & pieces falling down onto the tourists. DSC04407We had a really pleasant, though disgustingly unhealthy lunch break,  (coffee & a radioactive-red cupcake for me and coffee & cheetahs & M&M’s for MT)  in the Capitol restaurant DSC04397aand then we took the tunnel to the Library of Congress.   WOW!   Next time I need to take a guided tour of this place  DSC04503.








Then we wandered to the Hirshhorn Museum where we explored some contemporary art.  Here are my favourites: DSC04599




DSC04612and then through the Sculpture Garden  DSC04596 Copying-001


DSC04598aPast the National Archives …….   DSC04620aAnd past the US Naval Memorial Plaza as we headed to the train home….    DSC04618aOn Sunday MT headed out to do her own exploring while I did boring things like washing and working.   On Monday morning it was up early for poor MT as the manservant & I had to be at our respective offices by 8am so she had a bit of a wait before her flight.  I hope she enjoyed her stay and the sights of DC.  Here we are with the National Mall and Washington Monument in the background…. Emjay & MT-001



14 responses

  1. I think everybody I know is already tired of me waxing ecstatic about my long weekend!

    I just have to go back again–for at least a week. There were so many things I didn’t get to see or wanted to stay longer but couldn’t so that I could catch other things. I love capital cities and DC is truly wonderful, almost as wonderful as my hosts

  2. You hit some of my favorite spots. I have come to love the Sculpture Gardens and the Library of Congress. Definitely take the guided tour some time. I did, on my second visit, and learned a tremendous amount. It was worth being able to relate interesting tidbits to other people I have taken to see it. I will have to check out the Hirschhorn. It looks fascinating.

  3. I love how the scaffolding around the Dome looks like a petticoat made from silver tissue. In addition…wait…

    M & M’s for lunch?? Need details! Photos! Re-enactments!

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