What’s wrong with this? …….


voter's guide

Okay, perhaps a little difficult unless you live in the United States. And then, perhaps you have to actually live in Washington DC to spot it.  So, here’s a hint: :


Yep, the flag on our official Voter’s Guide is printed upside down!   When first asked to comment officials said it was deliberately done that way to draw attention and engage voters after a low voter turnout at the primary election in April.   Of course we totally believe that ………..



13 responses

  1. Well … at least there’s a hint of an excuse for someone not knowing whether the stars are supposed to be on top or bottom (although top makes more sense).

    In my state the original flag was often flown upside down by accident – the emblem is an Osage war shield and no one knew what it was supposed to look like. The flag was “edited” to add the word OKLAHOMA across the bottom to fix that. (Side Note: when a former Governor of Oklahoma visited The Hague about 30 years or so ago, host officials decided to honor his visit by flying our flag. They wondered why he wasn’t impressed until someone pointed out they were flying the flag of Okinawa …)

  2. LOL, but maybe the “excuse” is legitimate. When I was on a strata executive committee, I used to suggest to the other members that the sure fire way to get all the owners to turn up to the Annual General Meeting was to send out financials suggesting we were increasing the rates tremendously, and then letting them “persuade” us to reduce them through their appeals on the night. I guess it’s an approach that only works once or twice though . . .

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