Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions

The Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions asks “which is messier – your bedroom or your computer desktop?”  Well, my computer desktop and my bed are currently both pretty messy.

This is my desktop at work. In 2012. On a very hot day.  Since then folders and documents have bred, and bred again, to virtually cover that beautiful arid landscape (Haleakalā, Hawaii).  I’d love to show you what it looks like but I’d have to hide all those folders and documents lest you see something “sensitive”.


My bed is messy because the manservant has been away for a couple of weeks.  His side is currently cluttered with my laptop, my kindle, various catalogs, a couple of letters, a tee shirt & pair of socks (incase it gets cold through the night), the Strassburg sock I put on my silly foot and a pair of reading glasses.  I rather enjoy having the freedom to spread these things out rather than stacking them neatly on my bedside table.   The manservant is on his way home though, so stacked neatly they will be tomorrow.  My computer desktop though is likely to just get messier & messier……




6 responses

  1. LOL! This is what I love about sleeping in a queen-sized bed all by myself: I can cover the other half with my tai chi workout clothes, t-shirts I plan on wearing later in the week, the extra blanket I use to cover my shoulders when I’m reading in bed, and a collection of stuffed animals I saved when my children left the nest. My grandson thought it was marvelous I’d stocked the bed with toys. Unlike you, however, I don’t have a Manservant to tidy up for. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to that. *sigh*

  2. I have breeding folders on my desktop too,Emjay, including some called ‘desktop cleanup [date]’ where I just shove miscellaneous stuff into a new folder. Works for me! The bed is tidy since I started making it everyday, but the bedroom is messy. I need a new chest of drawers, or a cleanout of unworn clothes, or both. 😀

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