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I was looking for a photo for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (vibrant colours) ….     when I came across this one that also fits Cee’s Odd Ball Photo challenge:     It’s not every day you see a traffic light peering out like a periscope from a head-dress:……


For many years, the Caribbean Carnival Parade wound down Georgia Avenue in Washington DC one Saturday in June. It wasn’t just the costumes that were vibrant but also the atmosphere. It was one big party with paraders celebrating the Caribbean culture while the crowd on the sidelines swayed to the beat of steel drums, calypso & reggae.  Sadly, the parade is here no more – it moved to Baltimore.








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  2. Oh wow! That top shot made me nostalgic for the days I had legs worth flashing. Just as well minis were in before they turned into tree trunks – my legs I mean, not the minis. Trying to converse in French has already shot my English grammar. Teehee. Love the colour and vibrancy of these photos. Might be time to petition the festival back from Baltimore.

    • I’m impressed that you have enough French to do any conversing! I’ve always wished I had legs nice enough to flash though that didn’t actually stop me wearing some terribly short skirts/dresses during my teenage years. 🙂

      I would love the festival & parade to come back to DC – sadly a lot of people along the parade route are not as enthusiastic as me. It did bring some problems with it like the inconvenience of closed streets and trash.

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