Mimi’s Munchkin


turned one on October 11th!    Happy Birthday to the little cutie…..   Birthday Munchkin

There’s a lot of joy in having a grandchild – even if it’s from a 10,000 mile distance.  He *seems* to recognize me on Skype and last night when I sang Happy Birthday my son said he laughed – perhaps it’s my singing that’s hilarious, not the joy of hearing from Mimi.

Before I’d gone to bed my son had sent me a few birthday morning photos and then today I woke to find party photos on Facebook compliments of my daughter.

I couldn’t help but compare to my own childhood birthdays. Photos would’ve been taken and then Papa would’ve developed them in his darkroom and my mother would’ve “coloured” them.  If they were Kodachrome slides the film would’ve been sent away for developing.  Weeks later a few would have been chosen for my grandparents in Guernsey and sent off in the mail which might’ve taken 2 or 3 weeks (provided they didn’t go to Taipei first).    So…. by the time my grandparents received birthday photos I’d have reached and passed one or two development milestones!   It’s tough being a long-distance grandmother, but with all the technology today it’s certainly better than it was back then!



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  1. Adorable grandson! I know you must be yearning to nuzzle his little neck. I so relate to your thoughts on how much smaller the world has become with all this technology. When I was a little girl living in Germany, I was separated from my US grandmother, and when we lived state-side, from my German grandparents. This did not stand in the way of my complete devotion to either side even though our communications were strictly by letter. For what it’s worth!

    • Thank you! I’m hoping that all the Skype video chats help build that devotion 🙂 I didn’t meet my paternal grandmother until I was 18 (my grandfather died before I visited) but this little cutie met me when he was 5 months old and will hopefully get another visit from me before he is 2.

  2. Belated birthday wishes to your grandson! He is a cutie; I’ll bet he recognized your voice singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

    I was not emotionally close to my grandmother in Japan, partly because of the physical distance, but mainly because she couldn’t speak English and thought it outrageous I couldn’t speak or write in Japanese. She blamed my mother for my “bad education” and refused to reply to my English-written letters. Looking back, I think there was a lot more wrong with that relationship than the difference in languages. I do think children sense when a relative really cares about them or not. We long-distance grandmas are lucky to have Skype and the internet to stay in touch with our grandchildren; but ultimately, the children are drawn to the warmth and love that comes out of those distant voices.

    • You weren’t late HG – that’s the advantage of living behind them :-). When I’ve forgotten an Australian birthday I explain it away with a “but it’s your birthday *today* here!”

      It’s sad that you did not have a close relationship with your grandmother – two people miss out on a special bond when that relationship is not fostered. I’m sure you’re making a fantastic grandmother to Kai.

  3. my garndparents were always long distance and I remember the same Bday party procedures, though without the coloring and development. It is amazing how video chats and everything are just so common place now. Happy BIrthday to one special person!

  4. “but with all the technology today it’s certainly better than it was back then!”
    I’ll second that comment. Back in the day was nice but almost everything thing is better in someway.

  5. Happy Birthday to your grandson!! He sure looks happy, many kids don’t like those car seats LOL. He looks like a cheerful soul. It’s nice there’s so many ways to stay in touch these days, although Facebook has its pros and cons.

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