Photo Challenge: Dreamy


The photo challenge of the week is Dreamy  …..   I had a dreamy 50th birthday in the Northern Territory, Australia.  This is Glen Helen Gorge;  it was incredibly peaceful the day we visited. One could sit on a rock here and believe that nothing was wrong with the world.

Glen Helen Gorge



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    • It was in July, which is winter, so it was not too hot – but it was definitely shorts & tee shirt weather during the day. Think I had to put a cardigan on a couple of nights – but my body has acclimated to DC winter so perhaps locals had jackets on at night.

      • That cracks me up when people in SoCal or Australia wear big furry coats and touks when it’s 50F.

        I get it’s wildly different for them but it gets over 100F here and far below 0F and I guess that means I have an in-built ‘roll with it’ weather thing. I do require a few days before those shifts, though!

        When it drops more than 60 degrees (or raises) in less than 12 hours, EVERYBODY here bitches 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, the colours are similar but you’re right about the water – I’ve driven from Vegas to Grand Canyon and then down through Arizona to Phoenix and across to San Diego – not much water at all.

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