Because when you think of Australia, you think of…..

………………… ~ 002 The birthday cheque for the Princess arrived in her mailbox yesterday…. via Taipei!.

I can understand if it had gone via Austria as it might be possible to miss the “AL” of Australia but I don’t see anything in my scrawl that would suggest Taipei in Taiwan..

Obviously, it’s happened more than a few times as they have that special stamp!

I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “missent”……. spellcheck wants to change it to ‘misspent’ as it thinks my letter was off having a wild time before getting back on course. .



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  1. My grandmother received a letter sent to: her name, Hobart. Considering she lived in Devonport in the north of the State, she was delighted to receive it. They used to do so well!

  2. My mother-in-law sent me a birthday card earlier in the year, but she made my town a suburb of Melbourne, and had the wrong postcode. It still found me! 😀 It is good to have the chq delivered at last.

  3. My sister lived with her boy friend in a village. The way to their house began behind a monument. They receveid from Norway a postcard with just the name of the village without postal code and this mention ” Jo and Thomas, house behind the statue of naked man ” ! Glory to the french postmen !

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