Sign of Stupidity


Now, who would hang their clothes off a fire sprinkler?   You know someone did, somewhere …….. :  hotel sprinkler~

This was at the intersection of wall & ceiling about 10 feet above the floor – hotel in Denver.

I haven’t liked the Daily Prompt of the last few days but came across the Daily Post: Photo Challenge:  Signs  which looks fun.  They announce a  new theme every Friday.  Hope they have enough weeks to come up with themes to cover the thousands of photos I’ve got!   🙂

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  1. If the sprinkler was ten feet from the floor, I’m guessing college or high school students in town for a weekend conference, sporting event, or overnight field trip. From what my kids have told me about their out-of-town trips, their classmates and them terrorized the hotel staff and the other guests. (They always add while telling these stories, “I didn’t do this, I just heard about it.” Which I always take with a grain of salt.)

    I once stayed in a hotel room in Pittsburgh where there was nail polish on the ceiling of the bathroom. We were fairly close to the University of Pittsburgh, so I call visiting high school kids or visiting volleyball or gymnastics team.

    • Yep, I’ll bet students do some silly stuff. I seem to remember that I was pretty sensible as a student – I think I had a good grounding in common sense and a sense of responsibility when it came to others’ property. LOL – I probably wasn’t much fun to hang out with back then! 🙂

    • It’s amazing isn’t it! Whenever I read all the warnings that come with a new product I get dismayed thinking that the only reason all those warnings are needed is because someone has been hurt doing those stupid things.

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