To Organise or Organize

Another Daily Prompt:  Verbal Confirmation

I’m an eldest child and I’m an organizer.  My siblings would call me bossy; *very* bossy.

Everything requires a plan.  I’m the one with colour coded spreadsheets.  Printed out.  In a folder.  With tabs.

Today I have to know where I’m sleeping tomorrow night.  And the night after.

I am not the one to take on a spur of the moment hit-the-road jaunty adventure.  It would not be jaunty; it would be terrifying.

Extensively planning just about every facet of one’s life can be exhausting so why don’t I let someone else take a turn?  Because I’d get stressed out worrying that they might not be organized enough! Their spreadsheets wouldn’t be how I’d do them ……



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  1. Yay oldest children! Yay bossy!

    My children complain that I must be the only person in the universe who brings an agenda on her vacation. (How else will we plan our schedule for the day, or record our reservation times for the various tourist sites?) And while I’ve gotten better at relaxing and enjoying the trip, I don’t like not knowing where I’ll be sleeping either. My worst travel nightmare came true during one trip to Chicago, where I found out the hotel had lost my reservations for a three-night stay. (They said it was lost; I think they gave my room to some big shot who waltzed in an hour ahead of me.) I began weeping at the check-in desk, which put the staff into a panic: musn’t let the other guests see a crying woman in the lobby! Finally the manager came out and told them to let me have a luxury suite, the only available room in the place, for the same price as my ordinary single. It was the best cry I’d ever had, though not for the Presidential Suite would I want to go through that again!

    • LOL – a kindred organiser. Isn’t it nice to know you’re not the “only person in the universe” to do it. 🙂 A friend who came to visit recently showed me an app on his phone that finds all the arrangements you’ve made and puts them into an agenda for you – it did look interesting, but, what do you do if you lose your phone!

      Wow – the Presidential Suite! That’s worth a few tears 🙂

  2. Uh oh!

    Hopefully my non-plan plan isn’t stressing you out. Sounds like it is. 😦

    I’ve learnt with autoimmune disease, I may have big plans and then not be well enough to do them.

    I have also counted hours talking to strangers FAR better than the original plans to go to a castle (went another day and wished I’d gone back to the village where I’d been the day before).

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  4. I’m half and half. I bring printed agendas of my plans, addresses, contact info. But I allow myself to completely blow of any/all of said plans.

    and while I’d generally say I’m super organized at work but not at home, I’m actually organized in both places – it just doesn’t look like it at home… except for the giant lined post-it board I keep on a wall, with all up coming events and todo items.

    • I’m pretty faithful to my agenda – usually because I read up on the things I want to see in a city and even go to the extent of marking them out on a city map so we do things in a sensible (time economical) way. I need to relax! 🙂 I’m worse when I go home because I’m trying to fit visits in with so many people – I schedule like a madwoman – breakfast, morning tea, brunch/lunch, afternoon tea, dinner with different people in different cities/towns. One trip I should just go home and be a tourist for a break.

  5. I can certainly relate to this. I drive my husband’s family crazy because no one plans anything and things can go awry. On the other hand, when I’m involved, I know what we are doing each day even if we end up changing the plans. We get a whole lot more accomplished than when we “see what we feel like doing” which usually includes not getting up early enough to accomplish anything.

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