The Quarter Century Princess


Okay, so my summer was pretty gloomy but, time didn’t stand still and so my daughter, the Princess, gained quarter century status on 11th September.
It’s such a cliche but it really does seem such a short time ago that she was a little thing celebrating her 1st birthday,  mesmerized by the candle and all that chocolate…..
Princess 1yrWith those big blue eyes she looked so sweet & innocent but really she was a bit of a street angel, home devil   Sophie Wright Dec 1993 Eastwood Pre-school
who grew into a determined & feisty teenager ….
sophbefore maturing into a lovely young woman with the most empathetic and compassionate heart of anyone I know.   I like to think this young man is very lucky to have her in his life….I know he spoilt her on her birthday so she probably didn’t notice that my $100 cheque, mentioned in my last post,  didn’t, and still hasn’t,  turned up…..
     Princess +

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  1. your daughter is stunning. I have a very difficult time finding things to give my 34-year-old son who buys what he wants when he wants it. Too bad there is no more that sweet anticipation for something! (Also read your “summertime blues” blog and am very sorry you lost a friend. You’re right, this is the only season we treat here as if it must be something to celebrate. Maybe because our political correctness refutes our religious celebrations anymore… ?) Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Dang! I was hoping for a happy birthday ending that included her getting your check and great happiness for all. Bummer. (But HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Princess!)

    • Katie! I wondered what happened to you. I’m sorry that you had to delete your old blog but look forward to following along on your new one. I’m still hopeful that the check will turn up…. I checked with the bank – it hasn’t been presented.

  3. Oh dear, so she’s the one whose birthday check went to Austria instead of Australia! Well, she’s grown up into a beautiful young woman. I think her young man should consider himself pretty lucky as well, and ought to spoil her rotten. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Princess! And I hope your mother’s check finds it way to you soon!

    • I really suspect that the card & cheque is still sitting at the bottom of the post box here in DC. I mailed a sympathy card home to Australia at the same time but don’t feel I can ask that person if they got the card – if it’s much later it will look tardy.

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