Peonies say it’s spring…


Oh dear there hasn’t been much posting going on here!

I have not been away on an exciting trip. Or, even a boring trip. Work has not been especially onerous; I’ve not had house guests nor done any house projects. Not even that bloody scanning I have to finish!  I have not gone all solar like GOF or embraced a religion banning electronics.

No, it’s just “life” taking me away from the computer –  and maybe that’s not such a bad thing……

I’d like to claim I toiled really hard in the garden to produce these gorgeous peonies.  But really, they just did it all on their own.  Thank God it’s spring at last!

DSC03587 DSC03584



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  1. I don’t think you should apologize. After that awful winter, I’d want to spend all of my time outdoors, soaking up the sun. 🙂

    Peonies are among my favorite flowers! I always associated them with Memorial Day, as they and the irises would bloom right about then back in Minnesota. I didn’t like cutting them, they were so beautiful in the garden. Enjoy your long weekend, Emjay!

  2. I’ve enjoyed taking slow dawdles home in the afternoon soaking up some sun. Soon it will be too hot to enjoy doing that.

    I also love peonies and iris! My peonies don’t ever last very long though as their flowering seems to correspond with windy or stormy days so they are beautiful one day, tattered the next.

  3. Doing Stuff is important, too! I suppose you can’t only entertain us, though we’d prefer it that way.

    They are lovely, those peonies! I pronounce them PEE oh nees but my Granny (not my Mammy) said: pee OH nees. 🙂 That always cracks me up, so I like to purposefully say it like that when I’m horsing around.

  4. The first winter over there must have been an eye-opener for an Aussie girl.

    Relying on solar power in the middle of the wet season and the disgracefully slow satellite internet is my excuse for tardy blogging.

  5. Residing in the Anti-Summer camp as I am, I can’t help but admire that handsome peony and to wish you a warm and winsome end of spring/summer!

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