I’m an Early Adopter …. for a few minutes


The manservant & I were walking home after shopping when I noticed a 20-something ultra-fit young man wearing Google glass.  Being the curious sort that I am, I approached him and asked “is it distracting to wear that when you’re walking around?”

He was surprisingly friendly and very trusting as he asked me if I wanted to try them on to see for myself.  If I had something worth $1,500 I wouldn’t let some random woman touch it let alone take it in her hand and put it on her face!

Mind you I’m sure he had assessed the risk first. How likely was it that this middle aged woman would successfully get away from him with his $1,500 Google glass?  …… yep, he’d assessed the risk!



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    • I’m not sure what I thought of them; it was sort of cool but they’re too gadgety-looking for me to seriously want – especially at that price! I did have to keep pressing the button on the side to wake it up which would be annoying but that might be a setting he’d chosen.

      • Possibly battery life related yes. I thought it was like the new nexus phone where you talk to it though – as long as mine isn’t locked I just say “ok Google” and it asks what I want to do. You’ve been very lucky in trying them out though. I’m very jealous!

        • The “button” on the side is actually a touch pad and you can swipe it to get menus or put it to sleep. It also responds to voice but you start your question/command with “Okay glass” . The weirdest thing is that the images were see through and although that bit of glass is really small the image seems quite big (considering I’d normally have to wear reading glasses). Although it looks like it’s right infront of my eye you have to look up to see the “screen” so it’s not actually as distracting as I thought it would be. I would’ve loved to have had more time but the guy’s friends were already way down the street and I felt bad for holding him up.

  1. It was sweet of the owner to let you try out the Google glass, but I agree with you, it’s too gadget-y looking that I would want one. Now, if they invented glasses that could actually give you 20-20 vision, no matter how bad your eyesight was, I would snap those up in second!

    I suppose Google doesn’t have the stigma out there as it has in San Francisco and other West Coast cities, but there have been stories about Google glass wearers being attacked in the street. There’s some resentment about how Google’s affluent employees have driven up the cost of rents in San Francisco, and the glass wearers unfortunately have become the targets of some Google haters’ ire. It reminds me a bit of when cellphones first came out, and some people, whether out of resentment or envy, would make snipey comments about your using one on the street. Now there are cellphones everywhere, and no one seems to think anything of them anymore. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Google Glasses, if the prices ever come down enough to make them affordable for most of us.

  2. Nice color. I wish it would be available soon in our country. The owner is really friendly. It wouldn’t take long before you see a company with all employees wearing one. ^_^

  3. No early adopters in upstate New York, either–you’re the first “real” person I’ve heard describe them. I can’t imagine wanting a pair but, then, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want an iPod when they first came out either!

  4. If I’d spent $1500 on a gadget that was as obvious as those are, I’d worry more about being mugged for them than whether some (YOUR WORDS!) “middle-aged” woman would break them. I mean, not that long ago people were being robbed of their designer sneakers!

    I’ll pass anyway. I’ll be the last person on earth still using a land-line phone, a wired internet connection, and a “dumb” cell phone.

  5. I tried making a comment about my thoughts on ‘random women’ but no matter how I worded it I know GOM would have misinterpreted it, so all I’ll say is the glasses make you look like you’ve had an unfortunate collision with a blue usb stick. Apart from that it’s a very nice photograph.

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