The youngsters wore me out


On Saturday Cranky arrived safely from Philadelphia, laden with wonderful gifts of alcohol and avocados and, after leaving her stuff in the spare room, we headed off to the National Museum of the American Indian.  These were the only photos I took over the weekend and you will notice that we are not in them…   the interior of the museum is very impressive though.  There were some interesting looking exhibits but quite honestly we spent our couple of hours there wandering about chatting and flitting past things. This was my first visit to the museum and obviously now I’m going to have to go back and pay attention. Luckily I have an excuse in a couple of weeks time when an Aussie friend comes to stay – then I’ll tell Cranky about all the things she missed!  🙂

We were not long home from the museum before the manservant was presenting us with Mint Juleps and we were welcoming Gingersister in time to watch the Kentucky Derby before we engaged in hours & hours of eating, drinking & laughing.  Gingersister, who is currently living in DC, gave Cranky and I each an adorable magnet made from paper in its own little packaging.  Made by her own very talented hands,  I think it’s too pretty to put on my fridge.

Later that night as I was drifting off to sleep I glanced at the clock – 1am!   It crossed my mind that as I am not as young as our guests, by at least 10 years, I was not likely to be bouncing up in the morning.  So after a sluggish start on Sunday we took Cranky off to brunch at a place not too far a walk from home – actually she took us to brunch – thank you Cranky!

After she left for Philly I enjoyed 40 winks on the couch while musing on how much fun it is to have real-life visits from on-line friends.






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  1. You might have some trouble keeping up with the younger folks, but I have no doubt you were the life of the party. Looking forward to cranky’s post about her trip now! 😉

    Just an aside: last year I visited the Museum of the American Indian in New York City, over by the Staten Island ferry dock. I think it was a “junior” branch of the one in D.C., but it was wonderful to look at the artwork and crafts. It was housed in a much older building than the one you and cranky visited. Glad you both had fun!

    • I think my life-of-the-party days were a couple of decades ago! 🙂 These days I think I’ve partied hard if I’m still up at 10pm LOL.

      Our museum opened in 2004 though it doesn’t look 10 years old. I remember the opening ceremonies – it was a week long festival on the National Mall with 100’s of tribes represented.

  2. I have only been to that museum one time, and like you, I felt I needed to return. It is a really interesting one. I love that they are all free, so you needn’t feel like you have ot gorge on it….but can get to it piece by piece.

    • Yes I think it’s definitely worth going back and paying more attention. The gift shop also had some interesting looking books in it though I don’t really buy dead tree books since I got my Kindle.

  3. Haha, you make it sound like we were doing something different from you! I did enjoy the museum (though yeah, I enjoyed the chatting first and foremost!), maybe we’d have been better off looking at pictures. 😉
    I had a great time, I am so glad to have met Gingersister (and of course the Manservant!) I did put the magnet on my fridge but it’s really lost among the other magnets I have, so I will have to find another place for it where it is more visible, because I really like it and it should be appreciated!
    Thanks again for your hospitality. I had a great time and it was nice to check out your neck of the woods as they say. (I just saw an article that ranked DC as the #1 stressed-out city in the US)
    And yes, those mint juleps were something else! I liked it, though one was certainly enough.

      • I drove. Unfortunately I got up and out of the house a bit later than I’d intended, and I took a back road so I didn’t have to get on I-95 so early, and it should have only taken me an extra 10-15 minutes–if I hadn’t missed my turn to get onto 95. So what should have been under 3 hours was about 3.5. It’s not that far or long of a drive but 95 is a bit stressful. That back road (route 1 which is still a main road I use it to go to DE and Brandywine River area where the Wyeths lived) is actually a good idea as long as I get back to 95 earlier next time!

    • LOL Cranky – no, you two would bounce back quicker than me. There’s no way I could’ve driven back to Philly if I’d gone to sleep at 4am and then got up again at 9… I’d have been napping at the first truck stop!

      I saw that same study about DC being stressed-out – I guess if you live in it you might not notice it so much. When I go home to Sydney I notice how much more relaxed it is but that’s probably because I’m on holidays.

    • The Voxers/WPers I’ve met have been really nice and it’s great that we have all this background info on each other so conversations flow really easily. It’s nice meeting a person for the first time but already knowing what their interests are.

  4. I have made life-long friend IRL from online friendships. It’s SO COOL!

    I’m glad you had that chance!

    One day, I want to see Philly and DC for the history connection and I’m not usually the touristy type but I think it’d be a neat thing.

    • Well, I keep telling you that you can sleep under the dining room table! 🙂 There is certainly a lot of history here and I think you can be a tourist in DC without actually being touristy simply because there are so many monuments, museums and galleries – you can’t walk to work or the coffee shop without going past something that has some historical significance attached to it.

      • DC is first on my list ANYWAY cos you are cool and Manservant has to be cool cos you picked him! But that sounds amazing that walking to work, you get a chance to see all that you do. I LOBE when you shoot photos when you go to political events!

  5. I’m disappointed at the lack of pictures. But, then again, I think there’s only 1 from the time I met Cranky in the desert (want to type dessert soooo bad). Sounds like your adventure went better than ours (ask her about the ol’ lady who did our nails in the gale force winds)! Glad you got to meetup! (I miss when Vox would sponsor meetups)

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