Chile: Back to Santiago & Adiós Chile

The next morning we waved goodbye to Valparaiso and headed back to Santiago – on a smooth well-signed highway.

I had a little nap at the hotel while the manservant returned the rental car and then we went out for dinner.  Here I am with my last pisco sour of the trip; a quick survey of photos featuring me and a glass show I drank slightly more white wine than pisco sours.  This is in black & white to mask my  sunburn – my face wasn’t too bad, thanks to that hat, but my cleavage and arms were bright red and sore! IMG_2320a-001

After dinner we wandered around the square taking in all the sights which included a fortune teller, various entertainers & amateur astronomers and I got a few bemused looks when taking a photo of the toilet…….

We found the rotunda full of chess players.  It seemed a fitting way to finish our vacation…..

Our trip to Chile was a bit like a chess game.  We did not know our moves until we got there.  None of our pieces were taken off the board though the king & queen were momentarily knocked over by that frustratingly long drive from Santa Cruz to Valparaiso.  But. the Valparaiso-welcome soon had us lined up again & I’m ready already to go back and explore more of the country.

And, I can’t believe it’s taken me 5 months to write-up a 9 or 10 day trip!  And I have photos leftover!



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  1. Sometimes writing a post about a trip takes a lot longer than the trip itself, lol. I’m glad you took the time to complete the tale of your journey—I don’t suppose you have an online album like Flickr where you can display the rest of your photos? I often find I’ve taken more pictures than I know what to do them and end up editing furiously to reduce the number. (I take a lot of duplicates, which is a habit from journalism school. My photography instructor told us that it was better to use up several rolls of films than take the chance of missing “the money shot” because you stopped too soon. Which may explain why newspapers have gone broke, lol.)

    The worst sunburn I ever had was on my chest, thanks to wearing an open-collar blouse on a windy trip to the beach. I never would have thought of putting sunblock on my “bosom,” as my mother called it. Now I’m a bit more careful when I go out in the sun, but that sun is so sneaky. I’ve had the tips of my ears, the back of my neck and cheekbones sunburned, and I was wearing a hat!

  2. I think it took so long due to a work life and family life but also cos it was such a fab trip for you! I tried to explain my 2 weeks in Ireland and came up so flat and meaningless to coworkers, I never bothered to share properly with others.

  3. If I attempted to take my tricycle fully loaded with gas bottles onto an Australian street I’d probably be arrested within 5 minutes. 🙂
    I’m envious of your night photography….I still haven’t worked out how to do it properly.
    Did you have any problems with people objecting to street photography? You can get away with it in Cairns if you look like a foreign tourist.

  4. Your photos are always a special treat whenever they appear, Emjay.

    I’m a terribly lazy/hasty skimmer when it comes to reading posts, and rarely get around to posting anything of my own that I initially intend to, so am only full of admiration for your track record.

    (Oo, that pink building is so whimsical!)

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