Chile: Valparaiso – city of murals… Part 1


Valparaiso is a city of wonderful murals…but what is one man’s street art is anther’s graffiti.  Personally I really enjoyed the wonderfully eclectic scenes decorating just about every building.


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    • Our walk was slowed because I kept stopping to take photos of the murals – so many great ones. I’ll post another collection once I sort a few more photos (I can’t believe I’m still sorting so many months later! LOL).

  1. Were some of these murals the ones that looked so scary at night? They’re very striking, but I was thinking I wouldn’t want to get lost on some of those streets after dark. I do like the one of the girl holding the cat (cat’s head?) in the second row from the bottom.

    Which reminds me to ask: how did you and the Manservant find your way around those winding streets? Did you use a paper map, or GPS?

    • These murals were in a different area to the ones I had the night photos of but these would be just as scary in the dark and actually some of these I took in weird little alleyways that I would not walk at night!

      We had a couple of little tourist maps – the best was one from the Hotel Boutique Acontraluz as the “girl” behind the desk had gone to a lot of trouble marking out a route for us – as well as a route of what should be avoided! All these months later I continue to think really fondly of that hotel and the front desk ladies.

    • I agree. Recently an “f” the cops message appeared on a building between home and train-station and it’s still there – it really does “downgrade” the area – looks like we don’t care.

    • I think these murals made the area come alive especially as they were en masse. There are some programs in DC for public murals and they are very good but they are patchy (as in not a lot together) – definitely none down near the national monuments though!

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