A jazzy evening….


I’m not really a dawdling-about type of person but looking here one could believe I have a masters degree in procrastination!   I had not finished posting my November(!!) trip to Chile when I went off home to Australia for 3 weeks and here I’ve been back 3 weeks and have neither continued on with Chile nor done anything on Australia except show a photo of me with a baby.  He is a lovely special baby though!

So while I ponder the order of posting Chile & Australia, here’s what we did last night……

We attended a performance by the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra titled “Forms of the Blues“.  Their concerts are most often held in the Baird Auditorium of the National Museum of American History.   The Museum’s collection includes 100,000 pages of unpublished music composed by Duke Ellington as well as Ella Fitzgerald’s famous red dress, Dizzy Gillespie’s angled trumpet, Buddy Rich’s Drum set, Benny Goodman’s clarinet and John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme manuscript.

Photos are not allowed once the performance begins so I took this shot as we first sat down – the screen shows Glenn Miller because the first piece played was one he played often – St. Louis Blues March (composed by W.C. Handy)  Wonderful black & white photos were screened as Director & Conductor, Charlie Young, introduced each new piece.   The repertoire included Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis.  DSC03165-001

It was a really enjoyable concert with some standout solos; I think everyone in the orchestra got a turn to show off their talent but I was especially thrilled to see the two female members get the opportunity to really show what they could do. Jennifer Krupa on trombone and Leigh Pilzer on saxophone.  And, after every performance where I see a double bass featured I know I want to learn to play one!    

One of the great advantages to living where we do is the metro – everything is a short walk to a metro station in DC.    On our wander from the museum to the station….

The US Capitol stands out at any time but really looks grand lit up at night:  DSC03172-001

Day or night the National Archives Building always looks so formal …. DSC03175-001

Another government building –  this town is full of them!  This is the back of the Department of Justice (I think)……  DSC03169

And this is a portion of the US Navy Memorial which sits on top of a metro station…..DSC03180-001

Now I really must get back to a regular posting schedule!




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  1. That concert looks great!!! I sometimes wihs I lived in an area that had a bit more culture…sometimes. I also totally understand about the catching up on the blogging. Having just returned from California, I am finding that having SO many photos makes it hard to choose…. I am trying to churn them out though!

    • Sometimes I wish I still lived on a farm; a long way from any culture! If I was super wealthy I’d live somewhere remote and just helicopter in when I wanted to go to a concert/play/museum… wouldn’t that be nice!

  2. I think I’d have enjoyed that concert too! My dad had a lot of big band records which I started listening to (some of them anyway)many years ago.
    I have a PhD in procrastination! I am not even close to finished putting my pics up on flickr. I am so lazy. but I am doing other stuff around the house at least (like watching baseball….)

    • My father had quite a few big band records too. The big band sound is more to my liking than what I term “screechy” jazz. The manservant has a huge jazz record collection – not a lot of them are big band though.

  3. Given the number of people who so flagrantly violate the no-pictures rule at concerts, even using their smartphones to capture video, I don’t think you should worry about taking pictures yourself, lol. I think we may be among the few who still observe rules. I tuck my camera in my bag when a performance starts, while others whip out their smartphones as soon as the performers get on the stage.

    Your night photos of the city are wonderful. Do you still use a point-and-shoot camera for those, or have you switched to a DSLR camera?

    • I am a die-hard rule follower – it can seem sort of pathetic sometimes 🙂

      Yep still use a point & shoot but this is a new Sony – a present to myself before my trip back home – so I could take photos of the baby 🙂 This is the first camera I’ve owned that is not a Canon and I’ve been really pleased with it – so far I haven’t moved off the “intelligent auto” setting so there is more to explore when I have time.

    • It was a great night out. I think the tickets are only about $20 (we get the package of 4 concerts for a discounted price so I’m not sure what a single performance ticket is) so it’s a pretty reasonable night out and being in the museum it’s more relaxed than the Kennedy Center.

    • I love New York but I don’t think I could live there for long – the bustle would get to me – I like a bit of space around me when I walk down the street. I had 3 days in Boston a few years ago – it was pleasant but I don’t think I’d want to live there. DC is an interesting city – our population is around 640,000 residents so we’re not crowded (commuters from our “suburbs” (in Maryland & Virginia) bring the number to more than a million Mon-Fri). There is so much culture & art & history to see and most of it is free. I’ve been here 14 years and there are still galleries that I haven’t been to yet.

      I see I have a couple of posts to catch up on – that one on pancakes is making me hungry…. 🙂

  4. These are the things I miss living in the scrub. World class architecture and regular good quality music concerts, and whenever I do go to a good concert I regret not taking the musical opportunities my parents gave me 50-odd years ago. I’d love to play saxophone, but I think my learning may distress all our king parrots.

    • I learnt the clarinet for a year or so – and then I gave it up because I didn’t think it was “cool” …. silly girl! I am forever grateful to my parents for ensuring that, each year when we went to Sydney for our annual holiday, we saw a play or musical as well as a museum or gallery. No culture out where we lived – our town didn’t even have a movie theatre!

  5. I’m with you on preferring the big bands to highly syncopated jazz. It sure looks a great night out. I also got behind in some blogs – I meant to talk about the Deniliquin ute muster for example. That might have been a curiosity for some of the international readers. I’ll let it ‘slip through to the keeper’ now though.

  6. NEATNEATNEAT!!!!! Emjay, I’m so far behind in your postings!! These pictures!!! WOW!!! Everything’s gorgeous. The concert sounds like it was super; love the photo!
    Now, the important question: When do you start double-bass lessons?

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